Curious. Is UGA paying for replacing the uni's they "accidentally" ruined........................

…since, I assume, they never did this to their red and white uniforms, only ours?

I wondered that myself. Or is there a sign in their laundry room that states :
“ UGA not responsible for lost or damaged Clothing”

I don’t think we should demand they do it, but if they had any decency, they’d offer to.

I don’t think we pay for uniforms. I think Nike provides them as part of their contract with us, and makes the money back in publicity and in merchandise sales. Georgia is also a Nike school, by the way.

Do we get an extra set for free?

Uniforms don’t last an entire season in many cases. Pants get torn, laundry accidents happen, etc.

So, we are just waiting to get our new white uniforms when we get new versions of all of our uniforms. Since we are doing good on that basis, I think that is just peachy and Georgia should still do something “nice” to make up for the “inconvenience” they caused. JMVVVVHO