Curious how Sam feels about transfers ----------------------------

---------------- since Odom (3) and Briles (1) both have former players who have transfered in to rejoin them and play for the Hogs. It is obvious from the long line of former players and/or former recruits waiting to give Sam a hug after the Georgia,Tennessee, etc. games that Sam is very well liked by players on other teams who know him. Yet, so far, none have taken advantage of the Portal to join him. Is Sam quietly not encouraging this to happen (maybe reservations about the ethics of all of this) or does he feel he currently needs more help at wideout and defensive line than he does in our O-line? Anyone in the know care to speculate?

If a kid gets in the portal and is wanted and wants to come, I doubt he would turn them down.

There was a story about Sam not recruiting Georgia players after he came here.

At the beginning of the offseason, he wanted 2 OL and 2 DL with those last 4 scholarships.

But after the spring game, he said specifically we need depth on the DL.

I just think Sam doesn’t do anything underhanded. I do think there is some underhanded recruiting of transfers at some places.

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I believe Sam said he wouldn’t reach out to them, but if they indicated they were interested, he wouldn’t ignore them, he’s not stupid. We also got Cunningham back and Crawford to transfer, thus no need for OL in the portal, much different than our DL needs.

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We have certainly added some big bodies that will help in O-line and D-line. Huge potential game changer when thinking of holding a lead in the fourth quarter. Both in maintaining ball control and stopping the opponent from charging down the field in a two-minute offense. Huge.

I think either way is ok–reaching out in portal or having individual make contact. The key is do they “fit” with what you do and fill a need. That takes more time to flesh out but seems easier for basketball as more teams and more video to judge compared to football. I think both Pitt and Muss are about improving their teams to win on going basis but being focused on those they recruited first. They will also move on quickly if it is not working.