Curious about the plaza at the top level of the NEZ addition...........................

…does anyone know the plan for this area? On the construction camera, it just looks like they are using that area to unbox and assemble furniture that goes inside. I don’t see anything that looks like it will be permanent seating. Texas A&M has areas like this in the corners of their stadium and you can see they have their own concessions and it looks more like a lounge or bar scene. Is that what will go on on the top level of the NEZ? Those windows are too far back from the rail to be suites, so I am guessing those are offices, or inside concession areas.

Can anyone 'splain it to this Lucy?

If I correctly understand the area that you are referencing, that is going to be an area for standing room only tickets. There is office space inside of the north end zone, but I’m not sure if those are offices at the top or just an indoor area that leads to a stairwell or elevators.

Are fans who don’t have tickets in one of the north end zone sections going to be able to walk through parts of the area to get over to the other concourse and or /access any of the north end zone concession areas?

I contacted the UofA and this was their response:

[size=150]That area will be used for specific promotions and group rentals. Tickets are not sold for that area on an individual basis or for seasons. [/size]

I wonder what the ticket price per person for a large group would be?

All concourse areas will be accessible no matter where your seats are located.