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Last week I watched an English soccer match. At one point there was a medical emergency involving one of the spectators, and they stopped the play on the field until the affected spectator was assessed and removed, which took a minute or two.

Has anyone here ever seen a game in the US stopped because somebody in the stands had a medical emergency? I don’t think I have. Closest I can think of is a fan hit in the head by a foul ball at a baseball game, but I’m not sure even then play stopped.

I’m pretty sure that the action was stopped during a Razorback baseball game when a spectator was hit. You really can’t allow action to continue because there could be another foul ball hit to the same location.

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I’ve been called up into the stands several times in high school FB games West Monroe was involved in but they never stopped action on the field, unless a player was involved(concussions, neck, ACL knees and such). My most vivid was in the Superdome 5A championship game early in my career…WM fan had a heart attack up in the stands & died after me and surgeon worked on him until EMS got there. His wife sued the EMS company down there for lack of prompt response and her lawyer asked me and the surgeon what all we remembered about that incident & my surgeon friend quipped “all I remember is Evangel kicked our ass that night. I don’t remember nothing about the EMS folks being slow! “

I’ve probably dealt with 8-10 things in the stands like this ( seizure, passed out old lady from heat, heart issue, etc) but no stoppage of play.

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