I don’t think this is going to come into play, but it is worth noting that no game can begin at the SEC Tournament after midnight local time. Once the game begins, there is no curfew on the time after which an inning can begin.

If Arkansas and South Carolina cannot begin before midnight, they will play tomorrow morning. That happened last season when Georgia and Mississippi State were unable to play on Day 1, so it pushed Arkansas’ first game back until Thursday morning.

It don’t make good sense to start a game after 10 pm local time either. They wasted time this morning by not starting earlier.
I just don’t like the way they play this thing out. Get 2 fields and play ball.

A much earlier start makes sense. Currently, it takes away from the game and has to have a negative impact on the players and their enjoyment of the contest on the field.

All you have to do is look in the stands. It is absurd to play a game this late.

Without Bama there, any game in Hoover not involving LSU is going to look like that.

Swine your right! But it’s still crazy to play this late.