Curfew today

No inning can start after 4 p.m. because USC has a plane to catch this evening.

looks like that may come into play 3 15 in the 6th inning.

If that’s the case WHY was the game not started earlier? We started the Saturday Bucknell game because of a basketball game at 11:30 why wasn’t today’s done the same way!

My guess is church.

Yes, on Sunday they aren’t going to start games in the morning. You have administrative folks, ushers and fans that would have to cut church. No one wants that.

I go to church in Bella Vista and it would have been difficult but we could have been there a little earlier. If you will notice when we play at Florida this year the Sunday game starts at 11:00am and when Florida comes here usually the same thing happens. We should never schedule a game without a 4 hr time period because you never know what will happen as far as speed of the game. It could have been handled a lot better and I know Van Horn was not happy about it and he was exactly right!

I suspect they are more concerned about getting all 9 innings in when it’s a conference game. It would have been nice to have had time to play 9 against USC (although I’m glad it worked out as it did because of how it ended.) Still, I know most Hog fans in NWA don’t want to miss church to attend a Sunday game, especially since it’s the 3rd game of a weekend series. It makes sense we wouldn’t want to lower attendance or unnecessarily offend fans by starting so early that fans couldn’t do both. Even with an 11:30 or 12:00 start, I expect a lot of fans miss the first 2-3 innings.

There are other issues in March that don’t come into play later. It’s a lot warmer at 12:30 than it is at 11 a.m. As it was, it was pretty brutal Sunday at game time: overcast with a wicked wind.

That is not a factor in Gainesville. Actually, it might be better at 11 a.m. than later when the sun is high.

I stand by my original reply that it’s also about getting all the workers at Baum Stadium – and also letting them go to church. It takes quite a lot of workers to run a game.