Cunningham to play in limited capacity

That makes sense with him coming off Covid, that should help us a lot, we will see

I suspected that not having played in three weeks, he wouldn’t be at full speed, and if he’s been symptomatic, even more so.

Yes I hadn’t thought about that. He will not be close to 100%

I looked up last time he played, on the 12th when they beat Kansas. Next two games were postponed because of the protocol and then he’s missed their last two actual games.

That means he will light us up

Every time we hear this about someone we are playing they go off big time

My thoughts too Doc. I never hope to see a player out but I also don’t want him to have a career game against our Hogs.

On the other hand, Paperclip U beat Bama today without Reaves and another key player. Is it better to be shorthanded and know that going in (a la Hog women vs. UConn Thursday night) or is it better to have your stud back at 60-70%? We’ll find out in a few minutes, I guess.

Someone tell me again why he’s not tearing things up for the Hogs…argh, our recent history

Wichita took a chance on his academics and got lucky, then when he got the hell away from Gregg Marshall he went to OU. Was he mad at MA for not signing him? Maybe. He only averaged 6.1 in two years as a Shocker, so it’s not like he was tearing it up there.

Cunningham didn’t start.

We’re starting slow which doesn’t bode well for us.

Camera man must be hanging from the rafters.

Getting to the rim with ease, but they are swatting away our layups

Kind of surprised Vanover is getting this many early minutes. Game is way too fast for him.

Where is Desi?

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What I’m wondering… Where is he?

He started and has one rebound

We are getting beat physically at the rim

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Totally have missed seeing him out there.

I had forgotten how hard it is to watch a game on TV at Gallagher-Iba. The almost overhead camera angle is very disorienting

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