I think we have the least talent of any SEC team, but I also think the culture that’s been instilled is just as big of a problem. For me it goes back to the Auburn game in 2016 when some of our players were on their midfield logo and were confronted and backed down without a even a whimper. They then were then manhandled and humiliated on the field and showed poor effort for the most part. That same attitude has manifested itself time and time again on the field with all the blown leads,

When the going gets tough, the Razorbacks lay down and roll over. We are pathetically soft. I think we have a few good leaders that play with heart and toughness , but not nearly enough.

At this point I’m convinced nothing is changing until there is significant roster turnover and more “dudes” added to the roster. Toughness and attitude are as important as measurables in these upcoming classes. One of my biggest concern about the rest of the year is our freshman and sophomores being negatively impacted by the poor examples set by the bad apples and weak leaders above them

I agree with you, if we could change one thing about the way we play in our upcoming game it would be our aggressiveness on both sides of the ball, at this time we are a docile team and that has to change now. If we come out and play fast, hit hard and gang tackle and punish the Tigers when we hit them I will consider it a victory no matter what the score, I miss smash mouth Razorback football! WPS

Huge week for Ty Story. I want to see if the team believes in him and is willing to go to war for him.

Toughness starts with OL. You may not have great ability, but toughness comes from mindset and emotion.

I liked when Gibson came in last last year and on first play drove his guy 10 yards. It fired everybody up. Where is that guy? It seems like we have them thinking so much about technique we’ve forgot the first rule, knock the crap out of the guy in front of you

At this point, it is largely in the players’ minds. Get that right and we can play decently the rest of the season.

Mental toughness is by everyone! We have been fragile for a while! I don’t see effort to the echo of the whistle!

was discussing this, I didn’t get to hear very much of it, but he was discussing players not receiving the new coaching style well.

players having to be disciplined for walking to locations during practice when they had been asked to jog. players complaining about lack of reggae music, stuff like that.

If any of you heard that segment, please recap, I wasn’t able to hear as much as I wanted to, but it sounded very interesting.

I think your comments are spot on, what is most galling to us long-time hog fans about the past 16 games is the lack of fire in our players. Just soft mentally, soft physically, and ANY little thing that goes against them in a game causes an entire team-wide melt down. Ugh


I agree with this and I have been concerned about this for the first three games… Gone is the laid-back, flip-flops and reggae music and a slow, plodding, huddle up offense with the coach calling players K-dog, B-Wall, J-Will, etc.

And has been replaced by someone who is intense, runs every day, calls them by their names and wants to play very fast, up-tempo

I think CBB’s players, specifically the upperclassman, just don’t want to play for the guy

I heard Tyler Wilson on the radio this morning (I assume he is somewhat closer to the program than most of us) and he said that they have been pampered for the last 4-5 years and they are just unable or unwilling to adjust so far

This from WH’s story about Yurachek in Little Rock on the front page and sums it up…

He left no doubt football Coach Chad Morris has his support. He hinted at something most have started to suspect: This team needs more discipline and Morris will demand it.

“The first time we toured our great football facility, there were dirty clothes and trash on the floor,” he said. “Not anymore. Chad took care of that immediately.”

Assuming a culture lacking accountability/toughness is part of the problem, and I think it is, this may be as hard to turnaround as the talent level. I think Bielema’s reggae, laid back, flip flop funhouse is similar to Mack Brown’s culture at Texas and we know Charlie Strong struggled to try and change it and Herman’s dealing with the same problems.

Also, while we may not want Petrino’s “living Hell” as Tyler Wilson described it on Bo’s show, do we have a feel yet for what kind of ship Chad is running?

PS To be fair to Petrino ( hate doing that) Wilson said it was a living Hell, but also said it’s a culture that demanded excellence - there was no other choice!

JacksonReid, to your point I was visiting with Ken Hamlin last season and asked him what was wrong with the Hogs. His exact words, “We’ve got to get us some tough football players who have a meanstreak.”

I’m no Jimbo Fisher fan, but I do like this sound-byte from a commercial that the SEC Network played all summer promoting this fall’s games:

“It ain’t like it used to be. It ain’t gonna be like it used to be.”

That’s the mindset our program needs to have.

Jimbo is a very, good coach. And I hate it, I hate that a&M is fixing to be a relevant and serious contender for the next 10 years. They made an investment for success and it will certainly pay off.

We have to follow that, it takes money to win. We need to field the best staff possible regardless of how much it costs.

I like Craddock, but if his situational play calling doesn’t improve I’d go after Clemson’s Co-OC, and I’d pay him whatever it took to get him here.

I’d go after one of the top OL coaches in the country as soon as this season is over, a proven recruiter. I’m sure Fry is a good coach, I’m just not sure he was ready for this stage at this moment in his career, from a recruiting standpoint.

Verdict is still out on Chavis, I think he may be past his time, may have to open up the checkbook for a for real innovative DC. They are out there.

One more time, it ain’t the Xs and Os, its the Jimmys and Joes. We don’t have the talent yet for Hammer Down. Defense is less problematic. We held UNT way below what they had been doing on offense, but six picks, two non-offensive touchdowns and horrible field position doomed us. You turn it over 6+ times, you’re probably going to lose big (see Fayetteville, October 17, 1981, for prime example).

Bo Mattingly had a good point yesterday. Injuries have clobbered us. Greenlaw. Ramsey. Gerald. Jackson. Richardson. Get some of those people back at full speed, we’re more competitive on both sides of the ball. Yeah, you should have talented people who can step in and step up, but again that gets back to the Jimmys and the Joes. CM has to recruit his way out of this.

That is exactly my point.

These players don’t seem to wanna play for the guy. And inside that locker room , only they know.

Players know. They can see it straight away if a coach has it. And when you lose them, it’s a endless battle.

If this coach can get them to play hard for an entire game, and be ready, my mindset may change about him.

Culture is only changed when all are pulling on the rope in the same direction. And it’s about respect. They may not respect the guy.

On the people in the locker room know the whole story.

Never said I wasn’t about the jimmys and joes, in fact I know it is.

Doesn’t change the fact that it is possible Chavis is not the coordinator he used to be. In fact it’s a pretty widely shared view point.

We need players in a bad way, no question.

And again, elmo, I posit an alternative interpretation to your analysis.

Maybe, just maybe, you have some upperclassmen that realize that the new schemes don’t fit them as well as the old one and they simply don’t buy in. Maybe they don’t have a problem with Morris so much as it is that he’s not the coach who brought them here, and he has a different style of play and coaching.

That IS going to happen, to some degree, when a new coach with a different philosophy comes in. Anywhere. Again, I reference Nolan inheriting Sutton’s recruits and the two years of lousy basketball we had while that roster transitioned. Or, Petrino with Nutt’s recruits.

Now, I’m not saying that CCM is Nolan/Petrino, and I’m also not saying he isn’t. I AM saying it’s not unusual to lose some on the existing roster - especially older players who understand that the transition will favor the younger players recruited to those new philosophies/schemes. It’s all about who DOES buy in, and how quickly they can bring in new talent to replace the guys stuck in the old regime mentally.


This echoes my comments from the past couple of years…we are too soft. Ken Hamlin is correct. We need some tough SOBs on the team…hold players accountable and slice the throat and drink the blood of our opponents. The blown leads, the embarrassing losses, it points to lack of toughness and too much softness. Lack of pride. Lack of effort. Lack of heart.


We need dogs, not pampered cats.

It’s never easy when there is a change at head coach. It’s always a process. Never quick. Always painful.

There are things happening that needed to happen. It is a change in discipline. No one likes change. No one likes different. No one likes new rules.

Bret Bielema changed things, but probably went too far. I do think he demanded toughness for a bit, but I think his second wave of coaches were probably not as tough.

I notice little things, but they add up. The elevator isn’t used anymore (except by me, I guess). Players can’t use it. No ball caps are worn in the building.

It will take time. Again, nothing is ever easy.

They play the same sort of music I’ve always heard. Players dance to it during breaks in practice. I do not think a lack of one kind of music or another is an issue to anyone but maybe me. I hate it all and it’s way too loud.

Do players like Chad Morris. Yes, and they respect him. I think he’s all about relationships and that’s how you can demand toughness.

Age old question. Fear really is the only motivation that works for football players.

Do you fear your head coach just because he’s a leader, mean as hell and he may kick your a**? Or do you fear failing your head coach because you have a relationship with him and don’t want to disappoint him – more fear of failure?

Either way, fear is the driving force. Different coaches use it differently, I guess. I’ve always thought the fear arising from meanness worked better with football players (Saban, Petrino), but that’s not a certainty. Different styles work as long as the coach is consistent and the players think he’s credible.

I suspect Coach Morris is more of the second type (maybe like a Dabo), given, for example, what we’ve seen in the scholarship-award videos. But I’ve seen at least one report about him chewing on these guys pretty good, making them do suicides, etc.

In this day and age, the second type – relationships – is probably a lot easier to sell in recruiting.