Cubs lose!!!

Only another 107 years to go before their next championship.

my daughter keeps telling me to quit living in the past about all the Yankees championships…now…i can tell her the same about her Cubs!

It works for me! :!:

Don’t kid yourself…the Cubs are here to stay for a while. Great management, fans and an outstanding everyday lineup. They need to enhance their pitching staff, but they have the jack to do it. They will be favored to win the Central once again next year.


Post of the day nominee.

Good job, good effort. :sunglasses: … es-dodgers

Loving that Heyward contract now.

The Ringer’s writer must be a Cardinal fan. He was,however, right about Jason Hayward who has been a huge bust. Theo Epstein blew that one big-time. Hayward is a great defensive outfielder,but can’t hit his way out of a paper bag. I look for Schwarber to be traded to an American League team for a pitcher. He may be the worst left fielder in MLB since Richie Allen of the Phillies. Richie uses to wear a batting helmet in the field to make sure he didn’t.t get beaned by a fly ball. Richie was a great hitter…incredible bat speed. He just could not play defense very well.