CSU Significance

I finally got to see the game last night. I was elk hunting Sat. and followed the game by some score deal. As I said, it was a big game for me (I am heading up to CSU today).

Granted it was CSU, not LSU. The run defense was not great to say the least, but there were also some very good defensive plays. They are so young. They just have to get better, and set the edge each time. There is talent.

On offense, there are some SEC players. Any team and I mean any would love to have those two freshman wideouts and tight end. There are two SEC quality running backs, and a real QB for the first time in years. The Oline has made it up to Mountain West level (not SEC), but there is some talent there. Oline is very difficult to play.

All of that said, the thing that the CSU game did was give us a little hope that perhaps we may be able to climb out of this night mare hole in time. I have not seen on here anybody expecting us to blow through the rest of the SEC because we hung 55 on CSU, but there is at least a ray of hope that improvements are on the way. That is really the most we can hope this year. Will need more hope along the way, but at least it is there now.


My feelings exactly.

You must walk before you can run
You must crawl before you can walk
You have to get out of the fetal position in order to crawl

Against Missouri and MSU last year we were in the fetal position or alternatively the baby seal awaiting the club position. I think those last two games were as bad as anything I’ve witnessed in my 40 + years of fandom.

I feel like now we are crawling… just hope we are walking ( SEC win) before 2019 comes to a close.

The jubilation in Club Dub (locker room) was because the Hogs responded in a fourth quarter when they would have previously folded, thereby burying the ghost of the CBB legacy.

When both the offense and the defense scores in the fourth quarter, you will win a lot more than you lose. A defensive score in crunch time is a huge confidence builder. I do not recall that happening in a long time. The biggest defensive score in the Petrino time saved a game. It was a scoop and score by Jerry Franklin in a win at Vanderbilt. That was a huge play at a huge time. Vandy was about ready to score a touchdown and Franklin took it the other way. This wasn’t exactly like that, but it was still at a big moment to finish a game.

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