CSU seating?

Sorry if I’m missing anything. But what sections are razorback fans taking over at this game? On their sitting chart it shows a small section 226 for visitors. Just some section close to there? Any ideal section recommendations from someone who as attended would be appreciated. Taking my family of 4 from Littleton, CO.

Mine are in 226 as are I think all that were bought through UofA. That is W side, far S corner. About as bad a set of seats in the place. I think if a person gets in, they could just about find a seat about anywhere once the game started. Whatever hype they had is gone. Does not take long at CSU.

I will be there tomorrow and see if I can learn anything.

I may have 1 ticket I will not be using that will get anybody in the gate.

I am in 226 and ended up with two extra if you are interested. I know you said you needed 4, but like CH said once you get in you will probably be able to find room.

Colorado State has not come close to filling up its stadium since it was opened and has had a bad start to this year. I bet there will be seats available wherever you want.

It was empty before halftime in the opener. The TV cameras had a hard time finding a CSU fan during the comeback against Hawaii. The fans had all gone home or to a brew pub. There are plenty around. They were probably heavy into the New Belgium Brewery’s Voodoo Ranger. That’s 9-point beer for anyone who hasn’t heard of it.

Ours, bought through UA, are in 225, so I think there will be at least two sections with a lot of Hog fans, with more scattered throughout the stadium.

Voodoo is a very good IPA…

I expect a big Hog turnout. Was at CSU today and they are curious. Not into the game, but curious about all the noise from 900 mi away. Who are these people? Got to remember, Denver is too far a drive for them

Voodoo…pour it into a glass and be amazed at the color of the beer! Not a big IPA person but it is solid!

My brother is flying in from Atlanta to attend his first ever Razorback game with his youngest son, who is a CSU student and ex-Marine. They will both be wearing Hog Red! :smiley:

They have a fishing trip planned for the weekend too!