CSU made a terrific comeback...but their coach made an eggregious mistake

With about 5 minutes to go, Hawaii had a drive and kicked a FG to go up 13 points. I told my friend - who I was watching the game with - that if CSU scored a TD on the ensuing possession, they should go for two. He disagreed, arguing that 2 TD’s and extra points would win for CSU.

But here’s my logic. You just saw Hawaii move downfield quickly and score. Ideally, you (CSU) would score a TD, hold them scoreless, get the ball back, and then score another TD to win.

In any scenario, you (CSU) need 2 TD’s to win. And if they score another TD, you won’t have enough time to catch them.

At 13 down, if you go for 2 on the first TD and miss it, you still only need a TD and single extra point to tie the game (if you hold them scoreless). If you MAKE the 2 point conversion, then even if they make a FG (which is what they did), you can still score a TD, make the 2 point conversion and tie them (sending to OT). But by just kicking the point (and being 6 behind instead of 5), when Hawaii kicked their last FG (to go up 9), the game was over.

Poor game management at the end by the CSU coaches.