CSU game

This color commentator is something else man. Apparently Gafford “hasn’t touched it since the Franco-Prussian war.” What a reference.

Now he “might have to take a tagament or a maylox because that travelling call surprised him so much.” It’s like Bill walton crossed with someone from an old folks home in Boston.

Osabouien looks good though.

I’ve enjoyed the commentary but his accent is hard to pick up.

Yeah I’m not really complaining, its just out there.
Definitely not boring!

Yeah I’m not really complaining, its just out there.
Definitely not boring!

Well, you wanna talk about balance: Starters scored 22 points and our bench scored 22 points. Our top scorer who’s a starter Mason Jones has 9 points and our top scoring bench player Reggie Chaney has 9 points.

We’re killing them on the boards and second chance points. Keep up the intensity!!!

Hopefully Gafford picks it up in the second half because it will definitely open up our offense if he can knock down some shots.

Chaney looks a lot more confident tonight than he has thus far. That’s a good sign. And they all seem to be playing with a lot of energy. This team seems to be listening and taking notes in practice. Defense and energy will always travel.

He sounds a bit like a younger Al McGuire. I like him too.

The man knows his basketball. That’s for sure

Refs are starting to take over. They called it pretty even the first half, now their calling ticky tack fouls and it’s helping CSU

Welp, we’re playing 8 on 5 now. This is going to be a dog fight to the finish.

We can’t play defense anymore without a foul being called.

the way we play always leaves team a chance… just have to play smarter defense

Great win!

I was nervous because this was a road game, but these freshman are showing out.

Biggest surprise is they didn’t panic when CSU was making a run, they rose above and responded positively.

Again, the defense was solid tonight.

Owned the glass, assists, and turnovers.

Only bad thing was FT’s were lackluster again.

Bench scored 33 points! WOW!

Really good effort on the road. Withstanding a 17-2 run to come back and dominate the home team down the stretch is a great sign for a very young team. If they can avoid injuries and keep their focus, we will have a good year.

We had solid play from the stars but the bench was the difference. Kudos to to CMA, his staff, and the players. WPS