CSU Game Tibit

I bet most of you are very tired of hearing about this NC game like it was an SEC game or more, but it is big for a few of us, and this yr it is big for the team as one of the few this team has a decent chance of winning.

Anyway, one of my colleague, friend, and partner has been on the staff at CSU for 30 yrs. He has been to one football game and that was last yr to see what all the noise was about the new stadium (It is just outside our building). Friday he came to me all excited and told me he had his football tickets. I thought someone had given him a pair of Bronco tickets or something. I asked what he was talking about and he proclaimed, “The Arkansas Game!” I then told him the only thing SEC about our team is the little logo on the uniform. Other than that, they are just a very run of the mill bunch that barley beat Costal Carolina at home and was lucky to do so.

He said it did not matter. All he had heard from me for 20 yrs. was Razorbacks and SEC. He has to see for himself… GEEZE!

You never know…we maybe better than you predict :shock:

Good for your friend. The Razorbacks need all the fans that can make it to the game. GHG!

Jim, have you taught him how to call the Hogs?

Pretty sure he will be for CSU. Only worked for them for 30 yrs