CSP visits the hogpen!

you got to love the guy!

Does anyone believe that he had only one hot dog? He walks every day at lunch with Barry Odom. He can walk off a few hot dogs.

Heck no! I bet at least 2-3! I know I would have!

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I love a good hot dog. I paint it with mustard and sprinkle on some sweet relish.

This brings back some great memories from my early days at the Tulsa World.

I was asked to work the desk for one entire summer in training to be sports editor. And, I was told I would be sports editor in 6 months when I left to become editor (and then bought) Hawgs Illustrated. I was presented a letter from Bill Connors with that promise.

That previous summer the newspaper’s owner wanted me to work the night shift and put the sports section to bed at 1 a.m. for three months. Good training for any future sports editor.

Dinner was at 9 p.m. after everything went to the layout room. You came back at 10 p.m. to start signing off on pages. You waited for the late pages to get the west coast box scores from major league baseball. You hated it when there was a possible no-hitter going in the seventh inning. You had to be ready to tear up the front page and the baseball page.

There was a “Coney Island” stand in the building across the street from the Tulsa World. Three greek brothers ran it. I’d go there for dinner most nights.

My order:

4 coney dogs (and they weren’t big)

I got chili, mustard, cheese on top. They kept trying to get me to make them “fire dogs” with their own special chopped onions. I never went for the onions. They did not have sweet relish.

Four was about the right number. If I got three, I was still hungry. If I got five, I’d get heart burn about the time I drove home at 2 a.m. Don’t want that.

Yeah nothing better than a good ole chili cheese dog! making myself hungry which is crazy b/c knowing dang well I am so tired from my workouts today I’m about to go to bed LOL

I think they moved that Coney Island next to Mexicali Border Cafe in the Brady District. It has the old school desks from the Coney Island that was by the Tulsa World. It still has great coneys.

Did you ever go to Jim’s Coney Island on 21st and Harvard? Good coneys and Greek food. I heard I’d recently shut down.

Yep, frequented Jim’s Coney Island on Harvard for lunch. Similar stuff. Those were good places. You could get good chili, too. Not as good as Skyline chili in Cincy, but good.

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