CSP On Finebaum

At 2:30 pm Central today


Confirmed Odom

Even with Pittman being on Finebums’ show, I can’t bring myself to watch it. Its sorta like asking me to read Wally Hall… I just can’t bring myself to do it. And yes I know I spelled Finebum wrong… it was intentional!.


Hope he puts Finebaum in a headlock and gives him a noogie. :smile:


I vote for a titty-twister… more painful than a noogie.


Paul was great to CSP. Very respectful and said he was very impressed. Best interview I have seen from a Hog coach in a long time. Well done to him.

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Just watched. Excellent job.

Finebaum was very impressed with Sam be honest with you how can you not,he is so humble and genuine that how in the world can you not want to play for a guy like that. he’s been such phenomenal recruiter and why I think he has a great chance to get us back to where we need to be

He’s already recruited a heckuva DC


Absolutely :+1: huge hire IMO!

Now that it is out I am stoked about our DC!!! He will bring some serious toughness that has been needed on the D side of the ball!!! Plus, with his recruiting ties in our footprint areas that is huge as well!

He killed the interview on Finebaum! Woo Pig! ghg

Still irks me that Finebaum & others continue to report that Kiffin, Leach, & so many others turned down the Arkansas job without knowing the truth behind this search - including the issues with Kiffin & his agent trying to squeeze more $ out of AR when we had already agreed to terms. No doubt OM fans are living the fantasy that OM, not Arkansas, was Kiffin’s 1st choice. At least we may have ended up with what seems to be the better & long-term hire.

But they did turn it down though, DFW…getting to the what and why is of no consequence now.

Because if you report the stuff with Kiffin, and Sexton, etc, it looks like sour grapes. I know folks don’t think that here, but perception would be reality. And the so called “truth” about the search will never get told anyway.

And quite honestly, a lot of people listen and watch PF. Like him or not, that interview and comments will go so far for the Hogs and CSP.

After what Paul has said about the hiring of Coach Pittman he should just punch him right in the mouth! Paul is a 2 faced jack a&&!

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My understanding was that HY backed out on Kiffin after their agreement was made due to Sexton/Kiffin shenanigans.

I tire of hearing from OM fans here in DFW bragging that Kiffin turned down Arkansas to go to OM when that was not the case. Same was true when HDN left AR for OM but were actually circumstances where AR unofficially fired HDN.

Another issue that the PF press needs to clarify is that UofA is not so dependent on State of Arkansas for its recruiting. We are well positioned to recruit nearby DFW with 9 million population which is loaded with talent rich HS football and with a huge Razorback fan base.

Agree that CSP had a good interview & did well to help promote Arkansas. Also agree about PF who will never miss an opportunity to back-stab the Hogs.

I’m pissed about it too. Every Ole Piss fan acts like they are above us. It’s insane. But, as I said earlier, the real story and facts will never really get out. The sooner we get to busting that A$$ on them on a regular basis the better. We will hear about it until that starts happening.

It just posted if you want to watch. CSP starts around 3:00.

Longtimehog, thanks so much for the link to the PF show. I missed it earlier.

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