CSP New Agent

So it looks like CSP is with Sexton. He’s about to get paid, especially given Joey Freshwater’s new contract. What is that number for CSP? $5 mil? 6?

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  1. Arkansas 2. Alabama 20. Georgia 21. Michigan 38. Ohio State 87. Cincinnati, ESPN strength of schedule 2021 season. If CSP replicates our win total or better next season, we will need to start backing the truck up. CSP was very passionate about Arkansas being his dream job and he wasn’t worried about his buy out and I believed him 100% at that time. I want to see him get every penny he deserves for the job he has done so far which to me is just short of miraculous in my opinion. The two top reasons for coaches to get the big bucks is winning percentage and consistency. With no previous record as a head coach CSP is building his resume as he goes and if he continues to build our program to become a highly competitive program will our people holding the purse strings loosen them as needed to retain CSP and staff? WPS

Can’t stand Sexton and hate to hear he aligned himself with that guy. Love Pitt - just figured he wasn’t the Sexton type.


I know Coach needs to do what is best for him and am sure that he knows the pluses and minuses of decisions, but it seems that part of the fans love affair with him was his genuine connection and passion for the University (less like so many of the opportunist approach it seems many others demonstrate). Aligning with a Jimmy Sexton, does not reinforce that image to me.

Malzahn and Kiffin seems more Sexton type characters to me. As typical of what many of us older people say, the world is changing. I am not sure that I will recognize college football, if I am fortunate enough to be around very long. My simplistic mind knows that money helped build it to what it is and I am fearful that money will also be what changes it to a point that it loses the appeal it has to some of us.


Kirby and Nick are also Sexton clients. I don’t think ill of either of them, or CSP, for going that route.

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Good move by Pittman. Arkansas controls keeping Pittman as coach for as long as they both want the relationship.

Rule #1 It is always about the money or the opportunity.


Sam hired one of the best in the business. He understands that the honeymoon can be over at any time. I don’t care for Sexton personally but I know he gets results for his clients. The recent rash of crazy million dollar multi year contracts makes this a good move for him.

It’s the world we live in these days. Like it or not.


On a positive note, Sexton obviously sees something there worth representing moving into the future. That says something about our hire and program.

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I’m surprised at people I’ve seen on other boards worrying about Sam hiring Sexton. One naive poster even said he was concerned Sam was going to “ extract as much money as he can from the university.” And that’s surprising?

Why did University of Arkansas join the SEC 30 years ago? Why did the SEC drop it’s long time television partner CBS? Why did the NCAA lobby against NIL legislation?

We all know why …this is all a big, multi-billion dollar business dressed up to still look and sound like the amateur sport it used to be many years ago.

Newsflash - everybody ( coaches, schools, conferences, players, etc.) is looking to extract as much money as they possibly can out of the gigantic ATM known as big time college athletics.

The sooner everybody realizes this isn’t the amateur athletics landscape of the early 1980s and before the better off we’ll be.


And this from a school fanbase with a history of paying big money to football and basketball coaches for going away.

I bet Sam gets air conditioning for the indoor practice facility sooner than later.

I’m grateful to my employer for the opportunity and that’s part of reason why I’m still here.

My employer may think I will never leave and I may stay forever at any price.

My employer pays me almost last in the conference despite taking on a business like chapter 11 situation metaphor and turning it into a nationally respected balance sheet again within about 20 months.

My employer better wake up.

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I think his employer is awake and that’s why Sam got Sexton in on the process. Ricehog said the call has gone out to big donors for a “coach retention” fund.

I still haven’t heard what anyone thinks that number might be, even a WAG? I’m thinking it’s north of $5 mil., maybe even 6. The coaching carousel really drove up salaries. I bet Nick gets a bump too; especially if they win another natty. Bama (and Sexton) can’t let CBK be making that kind of cash and CNS some $5 mil. below him with the success differential.

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It’s a shame and bad look that it took Sam getting Sexton before we got serious about not paying bottom of conference dollar to someone who literally resurrected program in 20 months.

If I’m Sam, I can retire to Lake Hamilton one day from anywhere.


if there’s any AD who might call a sexton bluff it may be Hunter. But there’s two big questions, is it a bluff/ does Sam have an offer on the table he would realistically take? And is Hunter the deciding factor or is it really up to whether donors want to hand him the cash or not?

I don’t think there is any shame or bad look at all. It’s just business.

The market re-set once Michigan State paid silly money to Mel Tucker, and then the new hires and extensions fell into line. Sam’s maxed out his bonuses on the current contract, and he was going to get an extension in all likelihood anyway. He just has the best agent in the business handling the process.

Sam’s joined the “club” of solid SEC coaches with his success over the first two years. Once you are in the club Sexton is the surest way to make sure you get paid like a club member. Does not mean anything other than a recognition by everyone that it suddenly costs a lot more to keep a good coach in the SEC.


Appreciate an AD beating his chest about coaching salaries being too high etc.

Let our AD convince his AD friends in SEC to get all coaching salaries lower next season if he wants.

In the mean time, by not already rewarding a coach who has now demonstrated his worth taking a program left for dead in 20 months to New Year’s Day consideration, by not paying Market even because you think he would never leave, you chase him into the arms of Sexton. Nice.

I have thought for most of this year that Pittman might get a pay raise (over the amount of the one he is owed) due to the results this year. That’s not based on conversations with anyone; just a gut feeling.

He has demonstrated he can handle himself as a head coach in the SEC. I think Eric Musselman’s pay raise in the spring is also pertinent to the conversation. That raised his pay to $4 million and not many SEC schools pay their football coach less than their basketball coach.


What in the world makes you think he would not go to Sexton or another big time agent anyway once he established himself as an SEC head coach?

Judy Henry did a great job with helping him get the gig, but how many established coaches does she represent? Again, it’s just business.


Not surprising at all. I agree. Would expect him to have a big time agent.

And would expect our coach not to be making bottom of SEC salary without a new deal still when many others getting theirs.

I don’t think coincidence in taking advantage of Sam and his hiring Sexton right now.