CSP is starting to suck at hiring a Coordinator - already kicked to curb

By Freeze.

Robert’s was actually sought after by multiple schools. Arkansas thought they had him then auburn entered the picture and put up a big contract with less recruiting duties.

If you aren’t a fan of arkansas, their is way more talent at auburn and you have access to more closer to campus.

If it ends up being Collins I think folks will be happy.

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Seems premature to assume the outcome before we know the choice. I have to believe there is more than one choice out there that could be a good choice. Until proven otherwise I have to question any coach who chooses Freeze and Auburn over Pittman and the Hogs. To me, it sounds like we may have dodged a bullet.


According to some we just need to shut down the program! No whining from this 70 year old. I think I’m going to just wait and let everything play out!


nor from this one…tho i can whine with the best of them. Ask my wife.

Amen @keithguthrie

So many denounced Roberts as having a sucky 2022 and getting fired at Baylor, while others denounce Sam for letting Roberts get away. I honestly don’t know, but hope for the best,

I think it doesn’t matter now. Robert’s has a great scheme but had his choice and made his decision.

Depending on what happens in Starkville zak arnett could be available. Hate to think that but a very real possibility.

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