CSP getting nat’l attention from Wash Post



Thanks Marty, good find. Sam is one of us. Sincere, hard working, humble but always pushing his team, coaches and himself to improve. His dream job is in Fayetteville. Love the guy.


Great read, thanks.

Always great to see a successful coach achieve his dream job at his dream school. Equally great that Arkansas fans may end having their dream coach.

The positive national attention will definitely have an impact on recruits, especially for those who watched the ut game & the rabid Arkansas fan base during & after the game. Who wouldn’t want to play for CSP at Arkansas & in the SEC!

Really nice article

Thanks Marty! What a wonderful read. How deserving it would be for this good man and our Hogs to take down the Aggies…

By the way, this column recapping our win over Texas was well written, IMO. Another nice piece of PR from the Post.

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