CSP and Lucy


I would love to hear CSP commentary during the game. I can’t remember the last time a UA Football HC missed the game and watched it on TV like us mortals. I wonder if he will be doing any texting to his coaches during the game. It will be a unique experience for him.


Forgive me for cynicism but I think Morris missed a bunch of them

I do not believe it’s happened in my lifetime.

Don’t believe coaches are allowed use phones during games.

But no like he said, everything from Saturday morning on, is Barry Odom.

UA could have made some good coin for the program by having Pittman provide running commentary on-air during the game. Former coaches sit in the studio for March Madness and they do cut-ins. Same concept.

Or, maybe, let the man heal and obsess without all of us getting in the way.

CSP and Lucy are adorable. Just hard to tell who’s who :smile:.

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