Crystal Ball for Hornsby to the Hogs!

I know that this pick is nothing tangible, but it’s still good to see! This kid could be superstar under Briles

With Rhule going to Jacksonville, the odds just got better.

Edit for Carolina. :slight_smile:

If it’s true what he said and he wants to go to a rebuilding program.he will never see an opportunity to play Early any better than what he will have here , none of our quarterbacks have proven their ready for SEC quality play. I think his connection to briles may help us as well… would love to have him he’s a very talented kid

Rivals’ forecasters currently have us in the lead for him. 38% Hogs, followed by Baylor and Purdue with 25% each.

Please be right!

Does this mean Norvell to Baylor…:grinning:

My Baylor friends think Billy Napier of Louisiana Lafayette will be the next Baylor coach.

Would be a good hire

Thanks. Thought it was Jacksonville.

I think Ark will get Hornsby if they assure him that they will not bring in a grad transfer but I don’t think they get both. If I am recruiting Hornsby I would show interest in grad transfers just in case Hornsby says no but part of my pitch to Hornsby is that we have enough confidence in you that we are not going to sign another QB if you commit to us.

Taking a grad transfer sounds great but in my opinion likely keeps Hornsby from signing with Arkansas. I think it is one or the other and I prefer 4 years of the Hornsby.

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