Cry baby Booker

I believe Booker has become the biggest cry baby in the NBA. These last few games, he runs and cries to the ref on every foul called on him and on every time he thought he got fouled and it wasn’t called.


Just like Cal taught him.


Cal don’t teach him anything! Cal would first need the personal knowledge! It reminds me of Lebron James.

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The kid is a phenomenal player,won’t hear be dogging him,I’ve been extremely impressed with him,plays very hard and tremendous shooter.I want the Bucks to win for Bobby but Booker is really good.


Booker is amazing. I was a huge fan of his this year… until I think game 5 of the finals. I reached my limit of his berating the refs. Especially while all the media compliments his positive attitude and everything. And the refs/ the league protecting this kid relentlessly. But he is awful to the refs. He should have fouled out three times that one game and the refs protect him but every time things go against him he cries like a toddler with a nasty mouth. That dude deserves to lose period. His intensity is directed in the wrong direction. Lay off the refs dude they aren’t your problem. It drives me crazy they let him get away with it. Terrible sportsmanship. Try that crap with Bobby instead of the refs and see what happens :eyes:


Can"t believe the refs allow this talented punk to get away with the fouls he commits on a continual basis. They’re not even “iffy” fouls. He attacks like a linebacker and possibly needs someone to knock his lights out to show/remind him the game involves more finesse. IMHO

So much about the NBA stinks. Booker is a typical narcissistic thug. Go Bobby. Win that ring.

I’ll agree he’ll go overboard toward officials from time to time. As a Phoenix fan, there are instances in which I wish he would channel his energy elsewhere. But I really disagree that he’s a punk and a narcissistic thug. That’s a huge stretch to me. What I see from him is that he believes he is a star and wants the consistent whistle that many stars get.

Oh you mean get all the calls like Middleton gets oh wait… u must’ve meant a star like a kardashian :joy:

I just have to interrupt this thread to give huge props to kris Middleton for being one hundred percent locked in on being the best player on the best team and not wasting a single breath complaining about all the calls that he never gets and also I know absolutely nothing about his dating or personal life and that kids is how you win a championship :100: :trophy:

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My dominant feeling toward the NBA is contempt. When you are getting paid what the players get for playing a game, they should be thankful and shut up and play ball. Crybaby fits a whole lot of them. They are unusually gifted humans and most have sacrificed great amounts of time to perform on the stage they now do. I can’t shrug my shoulders and convince myself to look beyond what is taking place in pro sports today.

Thug and shut up and play ball…well well…

90% of the NBA cry for fouls…I can’t believe this makes them thugs.

Do some research on Booker and see what he does for his community. He’s a very good man.


exactly Razor ! the whole league cries for fouls! but anybody looking at Booker and can’t see a Great player has an agenda for doing so,I can assure you they would love him on their team.He’s one of the rising stars in the league.


Nobody complained more than Tim Duncan.

And by all accounts he’s a good dude


Does your “shut up and play” rule also carry over to the coaches? You know coaches complain even more than the players. You know our previous basketball coach basically “shut up and coached” and most thought that was a negative and they are very happy that Muss does not shut up and coach.


I never saw the big fundamental berate the refs when he was sitting on the bench tho or use the same choice words.

To the other comment above, I would definitely approve of bookers attitude if I was a partisan suns fan. He is very talented. I still say that the kris Middleton approach is the best way to win championships. Watching the games if feels like I’m a hundred times more upset than kris is that the refs never give him the star treatment.

Khris has made himself a lot of money in these playoffs. His clutch in your face shooting is Stef Curry and Kevin Durant like. You could tell he was a NBA player when he played for Texas A&M, but never thought he would be this good.


You could tell when he was playing at Porter Gaud about 6 minutes from my current locale

My first line and last line are the main points. I loved watching the greats play: Dr. J, Magic, Bird, Willis Reed and David Robinson just to name a few. Play ball and shut the f*^% up about politics. I would spend an inordinate amount of time watching back then. Watching Malone and Stockton carve opponents up was a thing of beauty, and I watched MJ because he was so supremely confident, smooth and efficient. The entertainment has been tainted from players and management never wanting to miss an opportunity to shove their “feelings” down your throat. Zero hours being wasted on them now.

Thanks for weighing in with your informed opinion.

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My son plays college basketball and I WISH someone would tell him to shut up and play. My son has voice and I raised him to use it. My son is a basketball player but he is a man first. If he ever feels the need to speak out about any injustice then he should have the right to do so.

Shut up and play days are over and that goes for every sport.