Crunching a few numbers

It looked like a high tempo game and it was; the possession estimate is 78 trips each. We’ve been averaging about 70. Scored 98 points on 78 possessions, which is hard to beat. OM was just over 1 ppp, which again is right around our average. But if we give up 1 ppp and score 1.2 or more, I like our chances every single time. :smiley:

Macon was just nuts. 30 points in 24 minutes. I’m not sure Rotnei Clarke had that kind of efficiency when he went of for 50+ against that cupcake, and OM is not a cupcake.

We shot 31/66 47% from the field
12/29 3 41% form 3
24/27 88% from the deee throw line
We out resounded Ole Miss by +2
We actually shared the ball and had 20 assist. This was a good game. Everyone that took made a positive impact. Trey had another great game and I think it makes Moses more effective when he is on the floor. What a win. Of course any time you score 98 you should win.
Hope they keep the hot shooting up and the energy on defense.