I wonder what sort of crowd would be at RRS Sat. if not for Covid?

I think it’d be packed. I’d love to go to this game, but I don’t expect I can get a ticket.



packed. this is the only game that I can’t go to, but my wife is taking the twins and my mom. we several folks in the “if your mom bails, I wanna go”.

I think lots of folks really appreciate our coach and players and the incredible effort they are giving every game out. true excitement and pride, growing again-fast!


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The only reason ticket sales were so low is the horrible play on the field and the weak excuses by the previous 3 coaches… When you get a team that plays extremely hard and you can tell that the coaches are actually doing an excellent job of coaching and motivating the team, the fans will be there regardless of where the games are played.

I expect that next year’s season ticket sales will be great. It looks like Yurachek has got us another 5 star coach. As bad as things were all the nightmare seasons, Hog fans will return now that Coach Pittman is in charge. I am so delighted that we won’t have to be embarrassed any more regardless of the opponent. Go Hogs.

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We may also have a 5 star AD, especially after JL’s disastrous tenure. HY seems to have all UofA sports on the rebound & with good coaches & a favorable outlook.

I know it’s fashionable to dump on JL, and he unquestionably screwed up some things. But he also made some great hires, Colby Hale and Courtney Deifel to name two, and our finishes in Directors Cup kept improving under him. He also did not hire Chad Morris; Julie Peoples gets that award with HY kept in the loop. HY gets the credit for Sam and Muss.

By the way, our most successful “minor sports” coach wasn’t hired by HY or JL or even JFB. Bev Lewis hired Lance Harter to replace herself as women’s track coach when Bev stepped up to women’s AD.

I’m reasonably happy with HY, but I’m not sure he hasn’t made a colossal mistake by opening up intrastate competition for the Hogs. It doesn’t bother me much in any sports except basketball & football, but those tend to lead to the other. Even in baseball, I wish he’d insist we only play such games in Baum-Walker.

Jeff Long unquestionably left Arkansas athletic dept in a shambles primarily due to his years of mismanagement & failure to manage. If JL had been somewhat proactive & not asleep at the wheel, Petrino embarrassment would not have happened followed by J Smith, Beliema, or Morris.

No, JL did not hire Morris but years without competent AD leadership put Arkansas in a position of having to make a quick & bad choice with Morris especially since JL was unwilling to fire Beliema. Let’s not overlook Beliema’s ridiculous buyout that JL put in place.

If JL was still AD, likely that Beliema & Anderson would still be at AR & those programs drifting into irrelevancy. I applaud HY’s rejection of Kiffin’s & Sexton’s unscrupulous negotiating tactics. HY is smart, proactive, not afraid to make needed changes, & interactive with his staff so that he understands & anticipates issues & problems. We did not have that with JL.

Arkansas has become recognized as a difficult school to hire quality coaches. Much of that can be attributed to JL’s tenure at UofA & believe HY can change that perception.

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I agree with you on the football situation, but certainly not on the minor sports coaches .Also , CMA had a pretty good run here and turned the basketball program around nicely and left a solid base for CEM.

Agree that is a mistake. Not sure how much of that was HY or outside powers forcing the issue. Does that decision require interstate games or only enables them?

Not a good decision to polarize the state & fan bases by forcing intrastate competition. Unlike TX & other SEC states, Arkansas is a small state with only 3 million population so both schools need statewide support & fan base.

As with many, I was supportive of ASU (based on it being an AR school), but forcing UofA & ASU to play one another only drives an unnecessary wedge among AR population that will likely damage both schools.

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We all liked CMA & wanted him to be successful. Not sure if he was tired or unmotivated or just in need of a change of venue. It was obvious that the program was drifting & not attaining an acceptable level of success (especially after Sutton & Richardson) that the fan base expected. It was mutually a good move for CMA & UofA to part ways & to hire CEM.

With men’s football, basketball, & baseball being the cash cows, we need them to be successful to subsidize the minor sports programs & to attract big $ UofA donors.

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There was one program in disarray when JL was fired: Football. Men’s basketball wasn’t where we wanted it to be but it was solid. The Jimmy Dykes experiment was over and JL had hired Mike Neighbors which I think we can all agree was a home run hire.

Well there were two others: Volleyball and tennis. But HY hasn’t fixed them either

But failure in football in the SEC dooms AD’s.

Under CMA basketball attendance was down & declining as were BB revenues. Recruiting was also in a decline & expectations were low - especially as other SEC schools were improving. Most would question how solid the UofA basketball program was in CMA’s later years, especially now that we are seeing a turnaround under CEM, including improved quality of play, recruiting, attendance, & fan excitement again.

I think Coach DVH was pushing for it because of the difficulty of scheduling mid week games.

I think you’re right and that’s part of the reason I don’t object to it so much for baseball (or softball.) However, even that could have been limited to schools within the UA system. That allows series or mid-week games with both UAPB & UALR. Also allows UAFS. Surely adding those 2 or 3 would have gone a long way toward fixing the scheduling problem.

DVH said he wanted to play others, including UCA & ASU, because it would increase interest in baseball in the state. I disagree with him on that. When the Razorbacks are prominent & people get excited about them, then interest increases at the HS level. Playing another in-state school doesn’t change that. It doesn’t help it or hurt it. I think it does potentially split fans. When we enjoy the monopoly on that front, I see no need to jeopardize that monopoly even if the loss is relatively insignificant.

UAFS is Division II. We’re not going to play them any more than we’ll play Henderson or SAU. Or UAM, another UA system school.

I thought there were sometimes we’d play a DII baseball team. If not, I was mistaken. Still, we have 2 UA-affiliated schools that should enable to DVH to ease his scheduling problems.

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