Crowd was bad

a lot of us fans that live 5 hours away would kill to be able to attend a hog game no matter the opponent ,you guys that live close ought to be ashamed to call yourselves fans

^^^^ this

Yes. Sad.

The thing they don’t know or don’t care to know is that the foundation is there for us to be very good this year. Then, the next few classes are very good.

And, amazingly, the 9th and 10th grade basketball talent in Arkansas is even better.

The path to being very good in basketball is very apparent. And, yet, they get the opposite of support while a similarly mediocre football program can continue to underwhelm and enjoys steady support.

It’s pitiful. Shameful.

I mean, the lack of attendance is on the AD, basketball operations folks, marketing, ticket prices/sellers, Coach Anderson, and the NCAA/refs for ruining the game with all the fouls. College basketball is generally not as enjoyable as it used to be. No flow, too many fouls, inconsistent officiating, etc. Couple that with the overall UA program mediocrity (very mediocre) and high ticket prices, and little wonder you have 4,500 at a Monday game. It’ll get better if the team keeps playing well. And I think this is a good team. But you can’t just turn it on and off. Keep winning and market better. I don’t know, maybe think about selling beer at games (does the SEC allow that?). Consider changing the game presentation, which has elements that seem like they go back to the late 70s. Give students better and cheaper seats. Ticket exchange, and so forth. But don’t just blame the fans.

We sold over 13,000 tickets tonight. All those arguments are fair to take us to the next level. But, I don’t think anyone is saying we need 15,000 there. How about 10,000 of the 13,000 actually show up?

I love it when people that are not at the game complain about attendance. If it is that important to you, why don’t you move closer? So what if you have to take a job making less money, that is a small sacrifice, aren’t you a real fan?

Things will change only slowly. People have to plan games into their lives before they can show up. Too many have gotten used to not planning to attend, even thought they bought tickets.

It’s all of that but it’s also on the fans. They sold 13k seats. By today’s CBB standards that’s very good.

Even if 60% of those people showed up or gave their tickets to someone it wouldn’t be too bad.

You can’t give the students better or cheaper seats unless you give them to them for free and let them sit on the bench.

I understand that part of it is about winning. But, we pride ourselves on being a good and loyal fan base but we are all dropping the ball as it relates to the basketball program.

And, considering the possible program trajectory it is sad and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Our fans show up for Power 5 opponents. SIU is not Power 5, so they didn’t show. They MIGHT show up for Houston as an old SWC rival, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Other than that? Florida is probably the first decent crowd. Unless we have a bowl game that night.

“So why don’t we schedule better teams?” Because we need 17 or 18 home games a year, and to do that, you have to play teams that won’t require a return game. Teams that don’t require a return game = no-name programs. So this is what we get. They’re not going to play four home and homes and cut us down to 14 home games; that would cost them too much money in season ticket sales. Season tickets, and suite leases, are built around 17 or so home games.

Marketing is not the reason. Could we market better? Probably. Could they improve attendance by adjusting the prices? Marginally. But when people buy the tickets and don’t bother to use them, there’s not much you can do about that. No, the SEC does not allow beer sales except in private areas, like the skyboxes (and at BWA the suites are not separated enough from the general seating areas, so even that is not an option).

I was there like I am every game, every season. I had to hurry home from work to get my 6 & 7 yr olds and myself changed, then drove from Rogers to Fayetteville to meet their mother and head to the game. It wasn’t real convenient but I’m a fan and a season ticket holder so I’m going to go. My kids got to make a sign and got themselves on the big screen, so they were thrilled. I complain every season about the crowds and it never seems to change. It’s sad…

This is a damn talented basketball team with two very talented and highly rated recruiting classes lined up behind it. Thus far they are playing an exciting brand of basketball, shooting it well, passing it well, and scoring in bunches. They are going to finish in the top 3-4 in the conference and will make the NCAA tournament…then will return 7 seniors next year. They deserve better and this program deserves better.

It’s a bit frustrating to me, and I’m sure to the bball players/coaches, that we can pack in 72k to watch our football team get annihilated by 4 tds while putting the worst defense in school history out on the field game after game.

Do better, people.

Swine on the whole is right. But on marketing, I do think the football folks do a better job of it. And you’re right, for a lesser quality product (this year, at least). Then again, football is a couple of Saturdays a month and there is also the benefit of football being an all day experience permitting tailgating, etc. I don’t know if there’s any way to do tailgating or something similar outside BWA. Likely not.

I also wish there were a way to sell tickets so that the ticketholder would have to check in online a day in advance so the ticket office know if he or she is attending. Maybe give a discount to the ticketholder up front (off of season ticket prices) for the inconvenience of that. If no advance check in, then the ticket is either sold cheaply or given away to students, even HS students. Tickets that revert back and sold/given away provide a credit to the ticketholder to be applied to the following year’s ticket purchase.

Complicated, I know, but in this day and age there ought to be a way to better manage attendance through something like this.

The crowd was horrible last night. The student section may have had 50 people in it which is embarrassing. I understand not having a full house for a Monday night game against SIU, but 4,500 people is ridiculous. It’s hard to tell this early in the season, but from what I’ve seen so far Arkansas could be a pretty good team this year. There was a stretch in the game last night where Arkansas looked really good. The defense was active and smothering, we were nailing 3’s, blocking shots and running the floor. You would think that fans would be interested enough to at least come check them out.

They sold over 13000 tickets for this early non-conference game while football is still going on. That is all I care about and all the Administration should care about. It is all about ticket revenue and it is obviously there and trending up.

If ticket sales are down, the criticism is fair, otherwise get over it. It is what it is.

More fans will come. I don’t think “shaming” fans for not showing up will make much difference in attendance. Now, if everyone could hear the SIU coach’s rant, it might. :lol:

I’m surprised there aren’t more walk-up fans. Maybe they need to be marketing that option a little more. Can’t you buy a ticket for $15 at the gate?

The Florida game is our first conference game and it will be played during Christmas break. I’m sure there will be a decent crowd for that game, but most of the students will not be there.

That is a bad idea. If you lower the price for walk-up fans, it will lower the season ticket sales that are at higher per game prices. Some may wait to walk up and buy.

If you want to manage the bottom line, you want to lock up season ticket sales and know what minimum you are getting before season starts and then everything else is gravy. Lock up season ticket sales at a higher rate every year and who care how many show up.

I wasn’t suggesting they lower the price… so I looked it up. I think upper deck seats are $20, so I was mistaken about the price. The point is, anyone can show up for the game and get in for $20. I’m surprised there aren’t more people that do that.

The Florida game is the same day or day before most of the bowl games in which Arkansas will likely play. Couple that with the students being gone, and the attendance could be pretty poor, especially if those game times overlap.

Post more, please. Great post.

Somebody please research and determine the number of folks in the seats at each of the SEC schools this week and make the comparison. I bet we had as many or more than all other teams in the SEC except for KY.

If I am wright, then why this whole argument?

It would be impossible to do that as most teams only list attendance as tickets sold. Arkansas is one of the few that still lists an actual attendance, and that is an estimate.

But to answer your original question, the other four SEC home games last night at Ole Miss, Georgia, Auburn and Texas A&M all had listed attendances of at least 5,200. Three were greater than 6,000.