Crowd remembers how to call the Hogs

Just watched the highlights of the game last night. Looked like the LR crowd remembered how to call the Hogs. Didn’t hear the wolf thing before the Hog call. The highlights were edited of course, but it looked like a 70’s crowd at Barnhill where the Hog calls came at the right time, were spontaneous, and very loud.

I noticed the wolf howl was pretty much gone at the football games this year…

Lon Chaney, Jr. must have graduated.

If you’re still in Vegas, had to have seen them online; gotta link? :grin:

I had one guy sitting behind be doing the wolf thing, I promptly turned around and told him he simply had to stop that. his dad laughed, and the guy didn’t do it again.

Perhaps my single greatest contribution to Hogdom, lol


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First half:

Second half:

Thank You! :grinning:

I always ask them why they are at an Arkansas event since they seem to be Red Wolf fans.