Crowd last night was absolutely unbelievable

The crowd was very very loud last night I could tell that on TV far more tonight than any other night. I wish we could have that kind of passion and loudness every home game. I know that’s hard to do but it was awesome last night, loudest I’ve heard all year from any game.


The second year BWA was open (1995), I attended the Senior Night game with Auburn; they had beaten us down there in January. War Chickens had a double digit lead late, but we roared back and won. Sellout that night (20,272), and it was very loud in the final minutes, but nothing like last night.

Turned out that was Corliss’ and Scotty’s last game at BWA but nobody knew that.

The night we beat #2 Auburn in 1999, the announced crowd was 20,298. I’m wondering where they crammed in another 29 people.


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