Crowd is much smaller!

Wow! Can’t believe that! looks like nobody’s there compared to last night

Starting a half hour earlier. Some people had to get back to work, home and family, including me.

Oh I understand…I wish I had the finances to go and lived closer…

It is filling in some. I think there probably will be around 18,000-20,000 before the night is over.

Last night took all the wind out of “home” fans’ sails. Fact that there’s as many there as Matt suggested is testament to the great fans we have!

Final game…winner takes all, but…there just doesn’t seem to be the suspense that normally accompanies such a game - at least not from where I sit.

The big thing was the delay of a game. I’ll bet a lot of hotel rooms had been promised to other folks coming in town for business on Thursday, since it was anticipated that the CWS crowd would be checking out and heading home after Wednesdays last game. Plus, a lot of people probably only asked for certain number of days off and or had flights scheduled and paid for that they might not have been able to switch. Just a lot of logistics related to the delay.