Crowd for Texas St.

I was glad to see the stadium was packed for TSU. I know there were some discounted tickets in the UD’s, but obviously that paid off. I have no idea if the extra sales were enough to overcome or offset the discount by much, but I can’t imagine that whatever revenue we might have lost was more than made up by allowing some fans in who might not otherwise be able to afford tickets. Every picture I’ve seen revealed no empty spots. If there were any, they must have been sprinkled around the stadium.

Kudos to Jeff Long for making the change. Last year this game might not have drawn 60,000. (Yeah, I know the win at TCU brought people out & helped sell tickets, too, but we’ve had good years in the past where cupcake games had a bunch of empty seats.)

I can’t see the EUD from my seats, but everything I could see was pretty full. The WUD had some small gaps here and there, but it was at least 95+% full anyway. Biggest gaps I saw, actually, were in our section; my row had 5 seats occupied and 15 empty.

I was impressed. Pretty much almost full for a subpar opponent. A heck of a lot more full than it was against La Tech.

I had a good view of the east from the West UD - it looked mostly full and while looking full there were still fans filing in after kickoff - I love to see a full stadium for every game - it made for a great atmosphere which means the world to the student-athletes and recruits love to see that, as well.

Well done to Jeff Long and Chris Freet to discount tickets and fill the seats!

I believe attendance was reported at 72,114? Great crowd.