Crowd at LSU

Not much of a crowd at the game. With capacity lifted to full, expected more fans.

It has been my experience that crowds are never as good for games that are rescheduled late because plans have already been made. Tonight’s crowd will probably be larger because it will start at or around the same time as it was originally scheduled.

That said, when season tickets are limited (LSU began the year with 25% capacity) there is more dependency on walk ups, and I don’t think people want to spontaneously pay money to watch a bad product. LSU has not been good at home this year.

Exactly right LSU has been stinking it up this year.

I was surprised how many people on various forums were calling for Paul Manures head. Some even suggested that he is a lame duck and already been told he is gone at the end of the year.

I tend to think Mainieri won’t coach there after this season. LSU was bad and missed the tournament in 2011, but that was two years removed from a national championship. They are far removed from having that kind of success this time around. LSU has been passed by Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State within the division, not to mention Florida and Vanderbilt from the other division. It has become a middle-of-the-pack program, but with championship expectations. A coach doesn’t usually survive that set of circumstances.

We sat near some LSU fans at Baum in May of 2019. They said he was as good as gone according to their source. He won 40 games that year but lost 2 games in the Super Regional against Florida State to end their season. Those fans said then mist fans were done with him.

LSU announced 7,036 for tonight’s game after announcing 5,308 for the first game. I believe the actual attendance was much closer for the nightcap and the crowd made a lot of noise.

Tonight’s attendance was officially the seventh largest the Razorbacks have played in front of this year, behind the games at the College Baseball Showdown and the games at Ole Miss.

Mississippi State did not announce a crowd greater than 6,100-something, but I think we can all agree there were a lot more than that there for the first two games of that series.

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