Cross Juco Signee Allison off the list . . . he's signed with the Dodgers

burns my butt!! he was a key player for us nexrt yr…

dodgers have stupid money.

The Dodgers went on a spending spree at the deadline. Allison wasn’t the only one who got a big bonus today.

Got twice what he should have received. You can’t blame the guy.

Well good for him, thats a pretty good chunk of change.

Not sure what it means but in the article it says franchises are penalized financially after 125,000$ for players drafted in rounds 11 and beyond, if I read that right.

If a franchise signs a pick from rounds 11-40 for more than $125,000, the excess amount counts against its bonus pool. So the Dodgers were penalized $97,500 for the Allison signing.

Ok thanks Matt, so now the Dodgers are out roughly 320,000$ to sign him. Who gets the 97,500$ Penalty money, players union?

The money does not go anywhere, per se. It is just reduced from the amount the franchise can spend to sign its picks. There are varying levels of taxes for however much over the bonus pool a team spends.

Here is a good breakdown of how the process works: … nus-values

Gotcha, learn something new everyday.
Thanks Matt

So did we tell a kid to go somewhere else and now have a vacant spot because of this last second decision? Dang this roster management for NCAA baseball is insane.

This is a player they had not counted in the fold yet. DVH said Dodgers had not given up on him. They knew he MIGHT sign. There are certain money teams like Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers that make you cringe when they draft your players. Others without as much money, not so much of a worry. In fact, I’m told there are some teams which will work with you because you help them.

I don’t blame the kid at all.

It’s not about us. It’s about him.

Seems like a good decision at that price.

Not many jobs i’d say no to if offered a $225k signing bonus