Cross Jordan Bruner off the list

Per a tweet from Tyler Dulaca:

Yale graduate transfer Jordan Bruner has announced his top three teams. Baylor, Maryland, and Alabama. The forward averaged 10.9 points, 9.2 rebounds and 3.8 assist last season for the Bulldogs. The 6’9” forward will be a pivotal starting piece for whichever school he chooses.

One down, thirty or so to go.

Isn’t it easier for you recruiting guys just to list the transfers we haven’t contacted?

Pretty much

I think you can cross Alabama off the list too. I think he’ll realize that coming from Yale there is no way he’ll be able to manage the academic challenge.

Seriously, I attended the Yale at UNC game this year. This was not a vintage UNC team, but at this point they were still pretty good, not decimated by injuries. And the game went down to the wire, Yale missed a final shot that would have resulted in a win, I don’t remember this player in particular, but I was impressed with all of their players and the team as a whole.

He had 17 points and 12 rebounds against North Carolina per the box score

I’m having a hard time visualizing a Yalie at Bammer. Most Yalies are allergic to Crimson.

SMH boys. the bigs are getting bottom of the barrel. Hope we reach out to the New Mexico big.

I understand he was recruited by Nate Oates when Nate was at Buffalo. So, there is a prior relationship.

Interesting. I can’t seem to find Buffalo on his recruiting lists from high school.

I guess twitter posts are not always reliable. But it made sense as to why Bama and not Arkansas.

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