Man he comes in and didnt mess around.
The question is could he come back tomorrow and close again. He looks good.
Save number 2 early in the season. How many pitches did he throw tonight? He threw 20 last night.

He only needed 11 tonight.


I like pitchers that go on the attack.

well the new pitching coach has him on a new routine for recovery and he said he loves it man he was throwing seeds again tonight! looks great.

I agree. Don’t let a hitter get comfortable and take it to em.
20 pitches last night. 11 tonight. Is it possible for him to go tomorrow?

Let’s hope we don’t need him.


I don’t think he’ll pitch tomorrow. There is no need to throw him three times in three days, especially when the series is locked up.

Who closes when Cronnin isn’t available?

Might depend on matchups and would definitely depend on availability but one would guess Vermillion or Ramage tomorrow.

Kostyshock would probably closed tomorrow I think.

There’s options. Ramage showed some swag getting out of the bases juiced jam in game 1. That was good to see. Kostyshock has the stuff To close that would be a good one.
I’d like to see Knopps close but he pitched last night so that probably won’t happen.

Yeah I think we will see Noland for 6 and Kosty for 3

It is Kopps (no n). :slight_smile:

Thanks Marty for the spelling correction!

Sometimes I just can’t help myself.

I tried to give you a hint earlier . . . I guess it takes a pretty lady to get your attention :lol:


Wiz it’s all good. I guess made a mistake. It happens.

If you’re an Arkansas coach and make a mistake, they want you fired immediately.