Cronnin question?

I realize he is a great closer but do we ever expect to see him mix in a braking ball?

I love the guy but he does drive me crazy throwing the fastball 99% of the time.The better hitters are going to eventually catch up to that. I think he doesn’t have very good control of it maybe the reason but they would swing and miss that at 95% of time if it if he threw it.I forget the great hitter from Florida last year he was first-rounder he buckled his knees with one for strike three in the world series there’s no way in the world you cannot help me look for fastball I don’t understand why he doesn’t throw the curveball.

He did try a couple of breakers on Sunday against Vandy. They were not strikes. If he can throw them for strikes, he’ll use it. The key on Sunday was that the low strike was not getting called by the plate umpire. He hit his spot four or five times and the ump called them balls. That’s tough on a guy who isn’t landing his breaker. He’s used his breaker more on the second time through the order, or on a second time on the weekend.

I agree, he was not getting several calls but he really needs to work hard on developing that breaking ball because the better hitting teams will eventually hit his fastball as we saw and it’s not the first time he’s been hit pretty hard. I love the guy but he can really become unhittable if he could mix in that curveball regularly.

Cronin and Hobbs have both told me that the plan with him is to throw mostly fastballs the first time he pitches on a weekend. Then, if he pitches a second time, he will incorporate more breaking pitches to keep the hitters off balance.

We also have to keep in mind the elements of the game when Cronin went in… He was having so much difficulty getting his hands dry. Not easy to grip the ball when you’re considering the intensity of the rain. The relievers that came in after him had less moisture to contend with.

Very good point Hawggirl…didn’t think about that it was raining pretty hard when he is trying to pitch and I’ve been there and done that not easy to throw in that type of rain.

Cronnin hasn’t been on the mound much in the last few weeks that could keep him from being sharp. He threw some pitches that weren’t called strikes that were pretty good. Like the 2-2 pitch that Z threw and the next pitch was a home run.
The calls started with Scroggins on the mound and continued the whole game.

Cronnin needs to use a second pitch! That’s my opinion.

Army, being on the mound regularly is what KEEPS you sharp. Bullpens keep you working hard, but relievers need to pitch to be sharp. I disagree with you on that.

I’m not going to complain or even nitpick Cronin. He is the most awesome closer in the SEC.

That’s what I way saying Clay! Cronnin hasn’t been in a live game much lately and he needs to get the work to stay sharp!
In games!

Agreed. Let’s check those receipts… it’s all there.

That’s the way I read your original comment, Army. I think Clay just misread it.

Me too

I seem to recall Cronin having a good breaking ball last year at least on occasion…maybe I’m dreamin’ again :sunglasses:

Replacing his fastball next year will be one of the hardest issues for DVH…

He had a breaker late in the year, but didn’t use it much then. He’s given up four homers of late. He’s going to have to change something and the breaker must come on. I think everyone sees that now. I get it that he’s got a great heater, but with metal bats, you can’t just throw one pitch for a strike. I’ve seen him try to mix it in, but it’s not a strike, so they still are going to sit fast ball.

A get over slider, changeup or curveball.
Even a split! He just hasn’t been on the mound enough to work on his secondary pitches this season. He needs to put some work into it headed into oostseason.