Cronin's celebration

He gets it!

I didn’t realize this until John Thomas, the baseball SID, told us last night, but Matt Cronin’s mother is from Arkansas. I think he grew up here until his final couple of years in high school in Navarre Beach, Fla.

Mother is from Kennett, Mo., but moved to Little Rock and then to Florida. I believe she is back in the Little Rock area now. But she is a Razorback fan.

That’s glorious!

He just became one of my new favorite hogs. And that’s a high standard (I like all of 'em a lot.)

My memory is that there seemed to be a preponderance of
really pretty girls in high school from Kennett and Senath, MO. They are just up the street from tiny Arbyrd and
Cardwell, MO. Just south of Arbyrd about six miles is the dead-in-the-water small blip of a town called Leachville, AR.
Flat and fertile farming and cotton ginning and not much
of anything else. Best seen from your rearview mirror.

That’s perfect.

Kennett’s always had some athletes, the other towns, not so much.

Cronin understands the power of the Devil Cow

I know she is from Kennett because one of my college roommates, Ken Shumate, was the football coach and principal there for many years. He’s now retired in Heber Springs. He sent me a message on Tuesday that he knew Matt’s mom and that she had grown up in Kennett.

There is a notable female singer from Kennett, Sheryl Crow. Shumate taught her in school. He has some interesting stories. She is proud of her Kennett heritage, but probably fits in LA a little better.