When will they know on him?

Any word yet on Matt? Praying that it is not Mono.

I have heard no confirmation, but just had someone tell me he heard in Grant Hall’s show that it was NOT mono

Maybe Strep pharyngitis which would be MUCH better in terms of recovery

Thanks…nice! Hope you’re right

How long a recovery is that, Doc?

I would think worse case for strep would be two weeks

I personally got an awful case of strep throat when I was a freshman in college and it wiped me out for a week, but I was pretty much ok by the following week

yes I had strep and it kicked my butt for 1 week but was ok after that.s fingers crossed on it.

Sounds like DVH or the media is keeping Matt’s condition on the low going into the series at Baton Rouge

The LSU series is important but having Cronin available for the Texas A&M series and the Georgia series would be huge!
I think the hogs can simply out score LSU.
If the hogs can catch a few breaks this weekend the LSU tigers could potentially be put on the outside looking in at postseason.