Cronin, Shaddy will travel to LSU

But it’s unclear whether will play: … s-unclear/

It would seem strange if Cronin would take up a space on the 27-man roster if he wasn’t going to pitch. I could see Shaddy being on the roster if for only a pinch-hit role more than Shaddy. That theory might be wrong, but it seems (without having seen the 27-man roster) that with a big question mark for Game 3 pitching, another healthy arm would be a part of that roster if Cronin can’t go. So the fact that these two are on the travel roster seems to be good news.

I tend to agree. The first thought I had was it can’t be mono if he is on the travel roster!
He may be limited if he sees action but if he’s not healthy it doesn’t make sense to travel.

My educated guess is they will test him again down there to determine whether or not he is able to pitch. There also is value in having a team leader in the dugout, even if he can’t play.

There’s also the chance that LSU might want to take a few chances while batting afraid that he might come in to pitch and shut them down. He may not pitch at all but they don’t or won’t know until it happens.

I’ve seen guys travel who weren’t going to play. This is baseball, but football teams routinely take QBs who are redshirting to get the feel of travel and the makeup of a road game. Cronin doesn’t need that, obviously.

They are being extra careful. Mono is an interesting thing. I’m guessing he might be playing soon. But they won’t know for another few days.

The only thing I can glean from that is that he is healthier than I feared. He might not be well enough to play, but he’s obviously not too sick to travel. Perhaps I’m remembering mono to be worse than it is or that his case, if he has it, is a bit milder than others, but I’d be surprised they’d let him go if he has it. I’m certain they’d keep him home if he were contagious. (Although I understand it’s not an easily contagious disease.)

Regardless, I see this as good news about Cronin. Even if he doesn’t play or if they have no intention of playing him, I think it means he could be ready by the A&M game. Most of us feared it would be June before he was ready.

As for Shaddy, it doesn’t surprise me as much about him. It’s just a matter of whether his hands don’t hurt him too much to play. If he’s improving quickly, he might not be able to go today, but might easily be ready by Sunday or even Friday.


Regardless, I see this as good news about Cronin.

[/quote]I concur. Vastly better news than “he’s staying in Fayetteville”. Surely, if he’s fatigued he might be able to pitch a critical inning.

Mono has serious cases and not so serious and DVH said it didn’t look like it was the serious kind and was already feeling better,I had a friend who had had it and wasn’t serious and he was fine in 2 weeks