Cronin needs to stay strong because

We can’t do a damned thing against this France kid. We’ve got one more bat to get any runs & they’ve got 6 outs to score 2. Nail biting time.

I’m afraid we’re about to get a taste of what we’ve given lately. We’re about to lose after getting a 5 run lead.

We gotta figure out their pitcher, fast!

Yes. I’m afraid if we go to B9 tied up, we’ll lose. Suddenly the leg-humpers have learned to score runs.

And there you go. Unbelievable!

I am much more afraid of going to the top of the 9th behind, than I was going to the bottom tied.
Thus offense has to do it here!
Do we have it in us to come back again?

Looks like we have had real bad “at bats” against this France guy, swinging for the fence and coming up empty. Not giving up, but MSU will have earned this one!

You have to take Moo U’s pitchers change up to the opposite field.
I didn’t like Cronin coming into the game the 6th inning. I stinks to be down now!

I’m glad we won’t see this pitcher again this weekend.

I suppose I don’t blame DVH for challenging, but the kid caught the ball. We’ve now got one out & no one on base to score a run. I don’t like the odds.

what a freaking choke! made that guy look the greatest pitcher in history Martin never swung the bat!!! this the type game that will get you swept…Road woes continue.