Critical Questions Should be Answered…

After tonight. We gifted this game to A&M courtesy of:

  1. Briles got too cute with play calls middle of the game when we were hammering them with the run and play action passes. When have we seen one of these “cute” plays work against a SEC defense? We were driving when we stalled with the attempted WR pass.
  2. Our DBs are getting exposed in SEC play. Bama is going to drill us next week with the pass! We must recruit better to where we aren’t starting 2 former walk ons. I’m glad they play for us but they are getting picked on. Plus poor tackling the last 2 weeks doomed us tonight.
  3. Is KJ hurt? He seemed to stand up a lot tonight in middle of the game instead of lowering his shoulder for extra yards…which exposed him to extra hits. That fumble at the goal line CANNOT happen! What was he thinking going airborne so far out?We’ve got to be better with ball protection in the red zone. Also, where were the rest of our offensive players when Rocket was trying to tackle the Aggie with the fumble? There were 5-6 defenders over there helping.
  4. What happened to our D forcing turnovers? None in the last 2 games.
  5. Top 10 teams do not lose this game tonight—period. We are maybe top 25 but not top 10.
  6. A&M will get drilled by State and others this year. Jimbo’s a dead man walking I think bc they’re 8-4 or 9-3 team at best. Aggies have wasted their $$ on this dude.
  7. Hate the FG Miss for Little. He didn’t lose this game on that kick…our play calling mid game and the fumble did.

Dude the first play to Hornsby was wide open IF there isn’t a fumble. You hit that play it was a knockout shot.

Fumble was a 14 point swing.

Stromberg’s bad snap was just as bad.

You just have to recruit recruit recruit

Players didn’t execute when needed tonight and it showed


That and KJ was a 27 points worth of swing. Last week against Mo St we had 24 pts of a swing in their favor as well. We should have really blown out both teams.

Edit: and I absolutely agree with you, as soon as I saw the way Hornsby was looking (which is why he fumbled), I knew what they were doing. aTm’s defense didn’t.

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 We have lost and been out coached in the third quarter of every game this year. It is time to address that. 

 Briles play calling on the kj fumble drive was the best of the year. In the third on our only possession we ran the run option with one running back behind the center. We ran it three times. They stopped it three times. This play is predictable, slow to develop and very defensible. This play kills drives but may hit for a t d later. 

 The pass play k. Jackson scored on was only called once. Why? Hornsby has to touch the ball .  Why not throw to him on a play like that? 

 Our db coach last year ran off players before the db coach left for ole miss.  This hurt us. Clark has played well.

Only it didn’t work. And how many of Briles trick plays have worked since he’s been here? How many get blown up for losses? It’s been a low percentage of success which is why I gripe about it. For whatever reason, the team can execute it in practice but struggle to pull it off in a game. CSP said they execute it in practice on his post game presser. One of their analysts needs to go back and pull them all and tell CSP what the completion percentage has been. I know people are sick of me griping about Briles calls. I would be happy to not have a reason to. I want this team to win. But the facts are these plays have a low success rate and hurts the drive and momentum of the games year after year.

Maybe it’s because our DC isn’t as good as everyone thinks. I mean he was replaced by Drinkwitz at his last stop….just sayin.

There may be something to that but I bet Mizzou would take Odom back in a heartbeat today. Drink is horrible and I’m so glad he’s not our coach.


I know they would, my daughter goes to school there, and several of the athletes are her neighbors. If they’re saying it, what do you think the fans are saying. But, I do think too many people think Odom is better than what he is.

Honestly, the thing that irritates me more than anything else, is he will throw us in the “prevent defense” when there is no reason to (ex: 2nd and 30). What does “prevent defense” mean. It’s the way your own defense prevents you from winning the game.


Yes, I was yelling at the tv as they set up the D on that play as well.

These are high risk, low reward plays. They take too long to develop, and Defensive coordinators know that Briles likes to call them. Especially DC’s who are also his brother in law. They have too many moving parts. Even if you do fool someone and get a wide open receiver behind the secondary, 2 or 3 other things have to be executed perfectly. They are drive killers. Simple as that.

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The defense gave up 17 points yesterday . In this day and age of offensive football, that is good.


If they could tackle, it would have been much less than that. Who is that on?

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The players .


Partially agree with you vaham.

  1. The staff has to teach them the fundamentals, such as angles, to get in the correct place to tackle. I haven’t seen anyone other than Sanders, Slusher, Brini, and Bumper, make those correct angles. Two of them transferred here from pretty good teams.

  2. Then they need to teach them correct form in order to tackle. I will pick on Sanders for a second (and he came from Bama, so I can kind of blame Saban on his), yesterday, I saw him on three occasions try to tackle Achane, by shoulder blocking him and not wrapping up. On a guy like that, you have to wrap up.

I’m positive that if we are seeing this in a live game, it’s probably happening in practice, if it happens in practice, then the coaches should be correcting it. It may work on our guys, but it may not on theirs. Wrapping up everytime will.

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If you don’t try plays like those then a defense will crowd the box with 8-9 and sell out to stop the run.

This defense played well last night considering the talent deficiencies that still exist.

3 plays that were poorly executed by the three best players is difference in a win and a loss.

Everything else are just excuses.

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LMAO…what happened…everybody was sayin’ Hogs were destined for greatness, more wins than last year, because of great coaching staff ! These comments from HOG FANS are great entertainment ! :sunglasses:

It’s 1 loss.


You won’t find that statement from me

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The old saying you play like you practice usually holds true more times than not. We will not move to the next step up with winning big games until our tackling improves in the open field. I thought yesterday we got away from what was working, I assume they saw something that made think the passing game could blow the game open. I saw the new Coaches poll and we dropped back to #19, but todays poll is nothing like it will be come the end of November.WPS

This is just wrong. Trick plays is not what keeps a team from crowding the box. You’ve got to be able to pass and go over the top some. Stretching the field vertically, not horizontally, is what keeps them from stacking the box. At that point in time, we were running on them at will with a very vanilla offense.

And that was the perfect time to try something. Although the “Jet Sweep” isn’t what I would have ran. When it didn’t work, I don’t know if I would have followed it up with a trickeration.