Criteria for the next coach

Tough as nails and hard on his players. Easy on his players and their best friend. No transfers from his team. Players leave his team for various reasons. Plays half court defense with lots of zone. Plays pressing full court defense. Plays a wide open offense allowing players freedom to create. Offense is very controlled using set plays. Is not very likable but wins. Is very likable. Does that person exist? No. These are shown to be opposites. You can have different combination but not all in the same coach. I don’t care who the coach is. I don’t make the big money to make that decision. Just hire a coach that will pump excitement into the program and win at a level to keep us in the top third of the SEC. Thanks.

That about covers it.

That coaches name would be hard to pronounce.
Everyone please welcome the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks…Coach Chris McPusselinofordson!

Seriously though I agree Dr.