Criswell update

He plans to sign early and is still on to leave for NC on Friday.

And that is probably the end of that situation.

That ship has sailed. Horrible job by Morris with in state players!

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I’m pretty sure that Coach Morris had made up his mind well in advance of 2020 on next year’s QB recruit.

Chances are now that young Mr. Morris could be matriculating at Auburn University.

Are you convinced Pittman has given up on him?

Wow! Bad news there. ghg


Any chance he honors his promise to OV North Carolina and then comes back to sign with Arkansas?

Possible? Sure.

Probable? Not likely.

I have been saying for awhile that the relationship with North Carolina was strong.

Kid wouldn’t even know his position coach at Arkansas yet. Hard for him to come here if he wants to get recruiting over and commit.

Kudos to our trying though for sure

Even if you don’t get the kid, it sends a clear message to Arkansas high school coaches and players that Pittman is going to recruit Arkansas hard. I think that’s a good thing for the late signing period and for future years.

Good pts

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Well that stinks…CCM killed that one for us!

You will see this across our recruiting class. We will have players and parents who were so appalled by Chad and his way of doing things that no amount of kind words and hard work by Pittman and Co will change anything. And, this is for a kid with a closet full of Hog gear, right?

Oklahoma has been recruiting him since the decomit from Arkansas—suspect it would be better for younger Morris to be at school where he made his own mark. Dad is on a career reboot courtesy of his friend Gus. Not sure Gus would extend that to junior since he has a qb for next two years barring injury.

4 star QB opened up his recruitment from Ole Miss after Kiffin was hired and Rodrequiz was let go. Would depend if Arkansas hired him as the OC as to be an option but very talented prospect.

In my talks with recruits, only Jacolby had an issue with Coach Morris and that obviously had to so with Chandler.

There is plenty to criticize the former coach about, but I’m not buying this as one - except with Jacolby.