Criswell pushing KJ…

I listened to Richard this morning on the radio, and I think he had an excellent observation. He thinks that Jacolby Criswell will really push KJ, and has a chance to beat him out this year. I really hope that happens — at least the pushing. I generally like KJ, but I think he gets sort of sloppy sometimes and may not do all he can do to be an elite SEC quarterback. For example, I’m not sure he’s ever really been in great shape and his footwork is a perpetual issue. Let’s see what happens — especially with the new S&C coach. But I think this is nothing but positive.


Excellent point. Competition makes you better. Every time.


Yes, I think that is good. But you talk about a hot potato issue, it will be off the charts.
And if and when we lose, mercy.

I will say 22tds and only 4 ints isn’t bad at all. Criswell will push kj for sure and may be a btr passer but might take more chances than kj would. Will see. Kj knws we have a good running game as well and that might make him not want to squeeze some tight passes risking ints.


I would guess that knowing the offense really well will be a significant, if not the determining factor.

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Criswell will not beat out KJ next year. KJ is too experienced and has an excellent TD/Int ratio. Not to mention his ability to run the ball and gain yards after contact.

I do believe Jacolby will push KJ and KJ will be better because of it but he won’t take the OB1 position from KJ.

That’s my opinion.

HOWEVER, to have a capable backup, which we always need, will be a tremendous asset!


Look at the upside, we now have 2 quality quarterbacks. If we had Criswell last year, we probably had at least 2 to 3 more victories.

I’m looking forward to next year.


Very much true! Lots and lots of good with Criswell.

Ill leave it up to the coaches. What the hell do i really know anyways…


Sir you are on HI, that pays us 1M a year.

You can do this! :rofl:

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Don’t know much about Criswell’s game, but KJ seems to have some intangibles that make me think he will be hard to supplant, but iron sharpens iron, so this and quality depth make this acquisition a real luxury. With Singleton coming on board and getting a chance to understudy these two, it should provide a benefit to both him and the Hogs. It sure looks to me that not only is the quarterback room looking good, it seems they are all three very similar types of quarterbacks.

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Of which I believe 1 or 2 of the INTs hit Knox in the hands then were picked off? He may have only ended up with 2 picks if not for that.

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I agree with lots of thoughts here. i really hope they push each other. KJ is a step behind being an elite, high level QB. He’s a very good QB and I am glad to have him. If he polishes his ability to read the field and hit receivers in stride, he can become a Heisman trophy winner. I didn’t think he improved in his decision making last year. Maybe it was injuries. Maybe all that Heisman talk got in his head or maybe the TAMU leap wrecked his confidence. Possibly its a combo of all three. Regardless, having someone like Criswell that can possibly actually outdo KJ is a real bonus. And if KJ keeps the job and gets hurt being the Superman we all love, then JC can jump in and keep the team rolling. Love snagging JC.


I believe that is correct.


Just maybe the Cam stuff went to his head, just a thought.

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Jacolby won’t come to campus thinking “Oh well, I’m content in backing up KJ.” Will he beat out KJ? Unlikely but he’s not coming to sit the bench.


Jacolby is coming in with exactly the right attitude RD. I’m sure the 2 can coexist just fine & JC knows he is 1 play away from taking the reigns anytime.
KJ has taken a beating last year. It’s good know that quality back up is there, even if only for a few plays or series.


I think they will play both because of last year. KJ will likely be number one but there will be a different level of competition in practice and more game time for the #2.

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Yeah, if KJ goes down, you don’t have to worry about not having a quality backup.


It’s just nice to know that the 2023 back up and presumptive 2024 starter is in the fold.

For 2023, Jacolby will keep the QB room focused, and more importantly will provide some valuable insurance. We already know that KJ takes a lot of hard shots based on the way he plays, and his absence in a couple of games and impaired ability in a couple of others is a big reason we are 6-6 vs. 8-4 or better. Having a real QB2 makes a huge difference.