Crisis Point

In my opinion we have to win three out of the next five to have a realistic chance to make the Big Dance.

Ole Miss shoots a ton of threes and distributes the ball well. That’s been kryptonite for this team. It’s an absolute must win at a time when we are banged up physically and in a funk mentally.

Then @ Georgia, home against Oklahoma State, @ A &M and @ LSU. We’ve somehow got to find a way to win two of those four just to have hope going down the stretch.

If we go into the South Carolina game with nine losses it will be very difficult to make the NCAAs. Any more than nine losses at that point would probably be fatal, and I would be really worried about how all those seniors would handle it. This is not a good time for a coach in his seventh year to possibly miss the NCAAs when he has a senior-dominated team that made the Dance and won a game the year before, especially with a new AD.

So I think the next two weeks are the crisis point, both for this year’s team and for the program going forward. Either we start playing better and winning at a greater clip, or it’s going to be an ugly end to a promising season.

I’ve expressed the same thing in other posts.

Well so far this team has not shown up in true road games except for Miss State. I do not see anything that is going change that.

It’s so terribly frustrating. At the first of January I was as confident our program was “back” as I have been at any time in 17 years. They were playing well against everyone, blowing out the weak competition, beating good competition. The two early losses were easily explainable. The MSU loss on the road was close & not terribly bothersome. Since then…I don’t know. I’m simply at a loss for words. I have no idea if we can recover. I know we did last year, but right now I have no confidence at all in this team. I’m sure we can win some home games & maybe get lucky against a bad team on the road.

If we don’t make the NCAA, perhaps we need to rethink the leadership. I hate saying that, but maybe so.

I wish I could be optimistic regarding the future of the program with the current coaching staff but I can’t

Nolan’s teams were best when their backs were against the wall, when he convinced them that the world was against them. My hope is that this team responds the way those teams did in a similar circumstance. This team has the ability - we’ve seen it earlier in the season. They just need the right mental perspective to get there. I hope they have the hunger.

Hoping to see a turn around and a strong finish to the season starting today. I feel CMA and staff are on the top of their game when it comes to recruiting as they have been getting the guys that fit our style of play it seems. I’m just not sure why it’s not translated to a more consistent less volatile up and down team, considering the seniors we have playing. I do see some flashes from our younger guys at times and I understand they need more time to mature, everyone knows the saying that at the end of the season they aren’t freshman any longer, needs to hold true for us no doubt. Let’s get a win today !! WPS