Scratching my head. The two Creighton guards that played so well against us have turned to guano. They suck so bad they couldn’t play for SAU.

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6 losses on a row; since besting us. Strange.

They don’t even resemble the team that played in Hawaii. They beat TT, the Hogs (with help from a zebra) and played AZ to within 3 points. They don’t look like a top 200 team now! I know they have a good coach. I’ve only watched about 15 minutes and they’ve had 6 careless TOs, no energy on defense, and have no clue on offense. I know their Big is missing, but this looks like they’ve given up for the season.

And, by the way the replacement for Kalkbrener? has been their best player with 16 points and 10 boards? Can’t blame this loss on the loss of their Big.

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All I can think is on that particular day the stars were aligned perfectly for Creighton to upset the Hogs. I also don’t think it helped us too much that the stripes seemed to be aligned against us as well.

I’ve mention in another thread that the best game Creighton played all season was against us. They were on fire! It didn’t matter where or how they threw the ball up, it was finding the bottom of the net. They have not had another game where they posted the type of numbers they did against us all year. And it wasn’t for our lack of playing defense. It was just one of those days.

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Sure would like to have that game back, but it was 8 on 5 in Maui.

And I think we beat Zona.


Yes, I believe with a different ref group, we would have beat them. But, they actually played well that entire tournament. They beat TT by double digits and lost to AZ by just 2 points in the Championship game. They looked like a legit top 10-15 team. Now they are playing like they lost their entire starting line-up. It’s almost like their locker room has gone to hell.

By the way, if you just look at the final score (69-58), it doesn’t look like a blow-out, but it was. Marquette brought in their back-ups with an 18 point lead and 2 minutes left, then brought in the very end of the bench with 40 seconds left. Resulted in a 7-0 Creighton close out.


I just don’t get Creighton, Larry.

Didn’t they play Texas tight in Austin as well?

Schiremann is now awful. Everything they did was bad. Walking. Double dribble. It was all there. Different ways to turn it over. The coach looks mystified. Is this one of those teams where NIL has destroyed chemistry?

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7 of 10 for 20 points against us…go figure.

Good point, I hadn’t thought about that. I remember just about every top team in the country wanted Scheierman when he hit the portal. I was pretty amazed that he went to Creighton. Maybe they broke their NIL bank on him.

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You might be on to something, Larry. I’m glad we didn’t get Scheierman. I don’t think he is athletic enough to play for this team, and if he plays any defense, I haven’t seen it.

Guess the Ladies are pretty good, they actually beat Creighton. :sweat_smile::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::joy::rofl:


I guess I don’t get NIL destroying chemistry. I mean I understand how it could happen but you as a player, it only hurts you if you play bad because you are upset. . . Man you gotta put it all out all the time regardless if someone reneged on a deal. Time to fix that is when you transfer out.


Muss said they are playing without Goliath and I know that has to hurt them. But those guards are really good and if they’re not hitting those threes they’re a very average basketball team

Thing is, Billy, the big they are playing now is putting up solid numbers.
There is just something bad wrong with that team right now.
No idea what it is, but they ain’t doing us any favors playing like they are.

rumor around Big East circles is that several Creighton players have tested + for the big C recently including big dude Kalbrenner, and I’m not talking about cancer

school trying to keep it on down low

They said “unspecified illness” over and over on the broadcast.

Creighton guards Nembhard and Alexander who scored 37 against Arkansas put up “9” versus Marquette.

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