Creighton tonight

Who are we pulling for in the Creighton-Longhorn game tonight?

You have to ask? Not Texas


At the moment, I think Creighton and the Hogs are about even. I’d say 10-15 points of our exhibition were gratuitous for Texas. So, Horns by 15. Not pulling for them, just think they are very good, at home.

Texas is a LEGIT NC contender IMO. I think they win easy tonight.

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I won’t be pulling for Texas!

I can’t ever pull for the Longhorns. But as a fan of college basketball I do admit they are fun to watch. At this point in the season they appear to be on a different level than most other teams, and they’re at home, so I expect Texas in a rout. But I won’t be rooting for it!

I am a fan of Coach Beard, ever since he had the phenominal season at UALR. Don’t have a strong dislike for Texas at all, they have been so insignificant in Football for so long, maybe if they put together some strong seasons I could build it up again. :sunglasses:

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Since Dana Altman left Creighton, I’m good with pulling for them…situationally. Not so much Oregon.

By, at the moment, you mean sans NS?

I’m pulling for points and chaos.

Just might see some DEFENSE.

Yes, and sans Devo. The “team” that both beat and struggled with Troy.

So far the Fallopians are puttin’ a hurtin’ on the Jays.

Creighton would be up 8 or 10 points if Sheirman was playing like he did against us. He couldn’t miss from three-point range against us and missed his first 9 tonight but they have pulled to within 5 with a minute left… Texas is going to survive but they were very lucky because Creighton was ice cold unlike against us…3-25 from the three LOL Schierman finally got hot and hit his last 3 but way too late

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Austin home game.

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Yeah all these big games have been right there in their backyard

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ALL OF THEM, Billy. Texass hasn’t left the state yet. Let’s see how this show goes on the road, and then I might be a true believer.

Pretty sure we could beat Gonzaga, Creighton, AND Texas at The Bud. In fact, I’m sure of it.

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Pretty sure we could win if the other team hits 14.8% from 3.


Meanwhile Utah is wiping up the floor with Arizona, up 17 at half in SLC.

Seems like a few times lately several teams have had career night against us from 3