Creed Williamson to attend



What does this mean? Link Prep?

That looks like a great move for Creed. Hopefully the step-up in competition will lead him to his old man’s stomping grounds.

It’s the prep school is Branson that Jordan Walsh attends.

They have Link Year (Prep) and Link Academy. Both are in Branson. It looks like Creed is attending Link Year. Walsh attended Link Academy. Link Academy is for primarily juniors and seniors to be. Link Year is a prep school after high school. Creed and Jordan were both in recruiting year 2022. Creed is attending the Prep school and now is in the recruiting class of 2023.

I believe this is correct.

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That is accurate, thanks for the clarification. I think they actually have three different teams in total. Creed will play on the prep/extra year nationally competitive one.

Link Academy worked pretty well for Mason Jones. Hope it does the same for Creed.

Jeremy, I assume you meant Jordan Walsh. Mason went to just one year of JUCO, since he was fully qualified academically after his senior year of high school.

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Good morning, Larry. Mason attended Link Academy before he came here.

Mason came here from Connors State JC, in OK. Did he go to Link Prep after graduation from HS before Connors St JC?

Mase’s timeline:
High school (senior year): Triple A Academy, Dallas
Prep year: Link
Juco: Connors State
Two years at Arkansas

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