Create your Arkansas starting 5

The Arkansas basketball Twitter account put this out earlier. I’m going to need some time on this.

They left Mason off?

Apparently. No offense to Dusty Hannahs, but Mason should be on there over him, in my opinion.

I agree. SEC CPOY deserves to be on the list anyway.

The tweet says positionless, but positionless gets you killed on the glass. So…

C – Gafford. Scoring plus rim protection.
PF – Corliss. Duh.
SF-- Day
SG – Moncrief. IMO he was really a small forward here without enough outside shot to be a SG, but you have to put him somewhere.
PG – Mason, scoring and distributing.

Sent my dad this graphic. He went with:

Sidney Moncrief
Marvin Delph
Corey Beck
Corliss Williamson
Daniel Gafford

I think my group would be:

Todd Day
Lee Mayberry
Corey Beck
Daniel Gafford
Oliver Miller

Both defensible. Marvin was a small forward basically and jumped center even with a 7-footer in the lineup. I don’t know how you could leave Corliss out though. Beck was tough as nails but didn’t score enough; 7.9 career average.

As a point guard growing up, I liked watching Beck. I’ll take his five assists and two steals per game, let him get the guards going and feed the bigs. Just a personal preference taking Gafford and Big O. I love how Gafford runs the floor, and Big O was a terrific outlet passer. I want my team to run and he can get us going in transition.

Ron Brewer, Sr.
Sidney Moncrief
Marvin Delph
Joe Johnson
Corliss Williamson


PG-Lee Mayberry, could do it all.
SG-Todd Day, could make the 3, plus drive and create his own shot.
SF-Joe Johnson, same as Day
PF-Corliss Williamson, strong, good offense and defense, and rebounding.
C-Bobby Portis-versatile and could create a lot of mismatches for his teammates.

It’s tough to leave some out, especially my man Joe Johnson, but I will go with 5 who accomplished most as a Razorback

C - Oliver Miller
PF - Corliss Williamson
SF/SG - Todd Day
SG - Sidney Moncrief
PG - Lee Mayberry

Shawn Davis
John Snively
Ernie Murry
Willie Cutts
Greg Skulman

Murry is too good for this lineup.

Lee Mayberry Guard
Sidney Guard
Oliver Miller Center
Marvin Delph Forward (would average 30 with the 3)
Corliss Williamson Forward

You’re right. Scratch Ernie and add Steve Bates (need more size anyway)

Corey Beck (would punch his Grandma to win)
Corliss Williamson (absolutely unstoppable in college)
Oliver Miller (best passing big I’ve ever seen)
Scotty Thurman (he hit “the shot,” nuff said)
Todd Day (an assassin’s assassin)

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I can’t believe Joe Kleine hasn’t been mentioned. He even played on an Olympic team.

Ron Brewer
Sidney Moncrief
Marvin Delph
Joe Kleine
Scott Hastings


Lee Mayberry/Corey Beck
Todd Day/Martin Terry
Scotty Thurman/Joe Johnson
Corliss Williamson/Dean Tolson
Oliver Miller/George Kok
Alvin Robinson-Darrell Walker

Huge missing item. Who’s the coach?





Corliss and Moncrief are the only crossovers depending on the coach. They were hands down for me our 2 best all time players. They play and start for any coach.

Duddy Waller :stuck_out_tongue:

So did Alvin Robertson, who also has one of four quadruple doubles in NBA history, and the first that didn’t go to overtime.