Crean officially gone at UGa

Kind of surprising to me that UGa hasn’t been able to have consistent success in hoops.

They could just recruit Atlanta and be a top 25 team every year.

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They can’t recruit with an arena built in 1964!

Weber will be looking for a job :man_shrugging:. WPS

It’s fair to say the players didn’t like him or his rules! The transfer portal cost him his job.

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Not UGa, but saw something that Maryland had reached out to intermediaries for Muss, but they don’t think Muss will be the next head Terp.

I wouldn’t take the Maryland job either. Their fans are Nutt-era-Arkansas vicious. They ran Mark Turgeon off in midseason and he’s a good coach (wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with the K-State job).

Kansas and Duke, among others, have done alright with arenas built prior to 1964. Even Vandy, with ancient and quircky Memorial gym, has a better program these days than Georgia.

I think Vanderbilt is constructing a new gymnasium right now. Their basketball programs, men’s and women’s, have been much more down than up for a long time. The old gymnasium is likely one cause of that funk. Duke can get by with an old gymnasium because of its tradition and who it is. Cameron is one of the iconic places in college basketball. Duke will still be playing in it 25 years from now. Allen Fieldhouse is old but has been updated periodically over the years. Like Duke, Kansas can get away with not having the newest.

Vandy is planning a new basketball operations center which will also double as premium seating for Vanderbilt football. But they’re not replacing Memorial Gym.

It’s not just that Stegeman is old. It’s old and inadequate. The Phog is quite adequate.

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Can you imagine if Muss had the talent Atlanta has right down the street from him?

Crean couldn’t or wouldn’t recruit Atlanta and he lost most of his team to the transfer market last year. Two of his staff got in to a fist fight a few weeks ago in the locker room at halftime. Something was bad wrong with that staff.

The biggest AAU program in Georgia is the Atlanta Celtics. The guy that runs the program said in an interview that Georgia never reached out to them about Jabari Smith and that Smith loved the Univ of Georgia but they never showed much interest in him. He said this went on with mostly all of their top players. Crean would sometimes send an assistant coach but that was few and far between.

Crean is going to have to change with the times or get away from major d1 jobs.

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