Crazy TO to Assist Ratio vs Illini

11 Turnovers to only 4 assists…sounds like a hallmark for a non-fluid game. So, glad the Hogs beat Illinois, but they can’t play that way on Saturday. Makes me wonder where that earlier game at Rupp went to.

Matt Zimmerman talked about this on Razorback Daily, He said it was a combination of them playing isolation basketball and also probably non familiar people doing the statistics. . they get spread thin the first rounds of the tournament. He felt if he went back and watched it, there would be quite few more assists.

That is flawed. There’s no way in the world that’s right.

That’s a big assumption the official statistics are wrong. Only way you’re gonna find 3 or 4 more assists is if you allow about five dribbles after an assisted basket.

I’m not an official scorekeeper, but I counted 6.

Makhi on the block
Ricky dunk
Anthony dunk
Ricky 3-pointer
Kamani on the block
Devo 3-pointer

After re-watching all of our scores, Illinois’s help defense was atrocious which led to many one-on-one takes. And a lot of fouls.

Sometimes your best offense comes from finding a mismatch and going at that player 1-on-1. In my mind, a majority of Arkansas’ shots were good looks.

4 total assists is never a good thing. But our team is better scoring off the dribble. We don’t have many/any (nick? Devo?) catch and shoot scorers. Still I would think with AB we would have more assists every game. Regardless our offensive success comes down to Nick, Ricky, Devo, AB, and Mahkai making moves with the ball in their hands and making baskets.

I do not think everyone is giving enough credit to Bill Self for being able to prepare his defense. Just because it worked against Illinois doesn’t mean it’s going to work against Kansas. I think our best game was at Kentucky with 19 assists. But we only had 8 including in ot in a big win vs San Diego state. All I know for sure is we will need more than 4 vs Kansas. And I expect bill self to set a team defense to stop our dribble drives, and not rely on one on one man defense. We better be ready to find the open man and not turn it over

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I appreciate your take on Kansas much better callability for defensive adjustment. Kansas no doubt is effected by Self’s heart procedure but this is deep[ program in coaching as well seasoned veterans playing for before a house filled with Blue. I was very surprise by the lack of halftime adjustment by the Illini. There intensity increased while continuing to go against our strength.