Crazy thought

Maybe A&M is just really good and has really good, experienced players peaking at the right time. I know, crazy thought. I mean, that 15-3 SEC regular season record and (about to be) 2-0 in SEC tournament is probably just a mirage. It is much more fun to just trash our own team.


More mature players with more experience also played a huge factor in their season.

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Exactly. In 3 games the score was A&M 199 Arkansas 198. They beat us 2 out of 3 but overall very evenly matched. Let’s just tip our cap to them and get ready for next week.


It bugs me that A&M and Bama are the top two teams in the SEC this year. Two teams with next to Zero basketball tradition. We have tradition, a bunch of top recruits, supposedly a better coach.

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We lack experience, leadership on the court, a lack of discipline and most important of all a high basketball IQ! The high risk low reward passes they throw have killed old man MO all year long.
They are who they are nothing is going to change.
Poor at the charity stripe and form 3!

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